The Ultimate Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend

Crown Royal is a renowned whisky brand that has been producing exceptional quality whiskies for over 80 years. Their latest addition to their Extra Rare Whisky Series is the Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend. This limited edition whisky is a unique blend of some of the oldest and rarest whiskies from Crown Royal's vast collection of .

The Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend is a tribute to the Waterloo distillery, which was the cornerstone of Crown Royal's whisky production for over four decades. The whisky is aged for over 40 years in oak barrels, which imparts a deep and complex character to the blend.

The aroma of the Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend is rich and fruity, with notes of ripe apples, pears, and apricots, along with a hint of caramel and vanilla. On the palate, the whisky is smooth and creamy, with a rich and complex flavor profile that includes notes of honey, oak, and spice. The finish is long and satisfying, with a subtle sweetness that lingers on the tongue.

The Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend is a rare and highly sought-after whisky, with only a limited number of bottles available worldwide. The whisky comes in a beautiful bottle that is adorned with a metal plaque that bears the Crown Royal logo and the words “Cornerstone Blend”.

At $799.99 for a 750 ml bottle, the Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend is one of the most expensive whiskies in the Crown Royal brand. However, it is also one of the most exceptional and unique whiskies that you will ever taste. The whisky is perfect for special occasions and as a gift for whisky connoisseurs who appreiate the finest quality whiskies.

The Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend is a rare and exceptional whisky that is a tribute to the Waterloo distillery and Crown Royal's rich whisky-making heritage. The whisky is a must-try for anyone who appreciates the finest quality whiskies and is willing to invest in a truly exceptional and unique experience.

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What Liquor Is Crown Royal Blended With?

Crown Royal is blended with a combination of high-quality ingredients including corn, , and malted barley. These ingredients are carefully selected for their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and are mixed with pure, limestone-filtered to create a unique blend of whiskies with exceptional smoothness and depth. The whiskies are then aged patiently in oak barrels to further enhance their flavor and aroma.

The Most Expensive Bottle of Crown

The most expensive bottle of Crown Royal currently available is part of their Extra Rare Whisky Series. It is priced at $129.99 for a 750 ml bottle, making it the highest-priced offering within the Crown Royal brand. This particular whisky has received positive reviews from those who have tasted it, with many considering it to be the best Crown Royal product available. While it may be on the pricier side, those who appreciate high-quality whisky may find it well worth the investment.


Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend is a premium Canadian whisky that offers a unique and exceptional taste experience. This blend is the result of careful selection and expert craftsmanship, using the finest ingredients and aging techniques. The Cornerstone Blend is a superb combination of rye, corn, and barley, all carefully selected to create a smooth and rich flavor profile. Its unique taste is further enhanced by the use of limestone-filtered water and the aging process in oak barrels. This creates a complex and well-balanced blend that is perfect for sipping or mixing in . Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend is a must-try for any whisky enthusiast lookig for a top-tier Canadian whisky experience.

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