Daredevil Brewing: Crafting Crisp and Clean Lagers

When it comes to craft , Daredevil Brewing Company is a name that stands out in the industry. Founded by Michael Pearson, Daredevil Brewing Company has been making waves in the brewing scene since its establishment in 2011. With a focus on quality and innovation, this Indianapolis-based brewery has gained a loyal following and continues to impress beer enthusiasts with its diverse range of offerings.

One of the standout brews from Daredevil Brewing Company is their Indy . This crisp and clean golden lager is a testament to the brewery's commitment to crafting exceptional beers. Made with carefully selected ingredients, including , barley , and , Indy Lager is designed to be enjoyed on any occasion.

With an ABV ( by volume) of 5%, Indy Lager strikes the perfect balance between flavor and drinkability. It offers a refreshing and smooth experience, making it ideal for those who prefer a lighter beer without compromising on taste. The golden hue of the beer is visually appealing and invites you to take a sip.

What sets Indy Lager apart from other lagers on the market is the attention to detail that goes into its brewing process. Daredevil Brewing Company takes pride in using only the finest quality ingredients, ensuring that each batch of beer meets their high standards. The result is a beer that is consistently flavorful, with a clean finish that leaves you wanting more.

The flavor profile of Indy Lager is characterized by a subtle malt sweetness with a hint of breadiness. This is balanced by the light bitterness from the hops, creating a well-rounded and harmonious taste experience. The beer has a medium body and a moderate carbonation level, enhancing its drinkability and making it a great choice for those looking for a sessionable beer.

Another aspect that sets Daredevil Brewing Company apart is their commitment to the community and sustainability. The brewery strives to minimize its environmental impact by implementing eco-friendly practices throughout the brewing process. From using energy-efficient equipment to recycling and composting, Daredevil Brewing Company is dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.

In addition to Indy Lager, Daredevil Brewing Company offers a wide range of other beers to cater to different tastes and preferences. From hop-forward IPAs to rich and robust stouts, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned beer connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of , Daredevil Brewing Company has a brew that will satisfy your palate.

Daredevil Brewing Company is a brewery that stands out in the craft beer scene for its commitment to quality, innovation, and community. With their Indy Lager leading the way, they have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. So next time you're in Indianapolis, be sure to visit Daredevil Brewing Company and experience their exceptional brews for yourself.

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Who Owns Daredevil Brewing?

Daredevil Brewing Company is owned by Michael Pearson, who also serves as the Head Brewer and Co-Founder of the company. As one of the co-owners, Pearson plays a crucial role in the overall operation and success of the brewery. With his expertise and passion for brewing, Pearson has helped establish Daredevil Brewing as a prominent player in the craft beer industry. His involvement in the company's day-to-day activities and strategic decision-making makes him a key figure in Daredevil Brewing's ownership structure.

To provide further clarity, here is a summarized breakdown of the ownership details:

– Owner: Michael Pearson
– Role: Head Brewer, Co-Founder, Co-Owner

It is worth noting that while Pearson is a significant owner, there may be other individuals or entities involved in the ownership structure of Daredevil Brewing Company. However, the specific details of other owners or their level of involvement are not mentioned in the provided information.

What Is The Alcohol Content Of Daredevil Beer?

Daredevil Beer is a brand that offers a range of different beers with varying alcohol content. To answer the specific question of what the alcohol content of Daredevil beer is, it would be necessary to specify which specific beer within their lineup you are referring to. Daredevil offers a variety of beers, including IPAs, lagers, and stouts, each with its own unique characteristics and alcohol content.

For example, their flagship beer, Lift Off , has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 7.2%. This means that for every 100 milliliters of Lift Off IPA, there is 7.2 milliliters of pure alcohol. This IPA is known for its hop-forward flavor profile and is a popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts.

Another popular beer from Daredevil is Muse Belgian Style Golden , which has an ABV of 6.5%. This beer is brewed with Belgian , giving it a distinctively fruity and spicy flavor profile.

Furthermore, their Vacation Kolsch, a light and refreshing beer, has an ABV of 5%. This beer is brewed in the traditional German style, using a specific strain of yeast that imparts a crisp and clean taste.

It's worth noting that the alcohol content of Daredevil beers may vary slightly from batch to batch, as brewing is a complex process that can be influenced by various factors. However, the ABV listed on their packaging should give you a good indication of the alcohol content you can expect when enjoying their beers.

Daredevil Beer offers a range of beers with different alcohol contents. It is important to check the specific beer you are interested in to determine its alcohol by volume (ABV).


Daredevil Brewing Company is an exceptional brewery that stands out in the craft beer industry. Their commitment to quality and passion for brewing is evident in every sip of their delicious beers. With a diverse range of brews that cater to different tastes and preferences, Daredevil Brewing Company offers something for everyone.

Their flagship beer, Indy Lager, is a shining example of their expertise and craftsmanship. This crisp and clean golden lager is brewed with the finest ingredients, including water, barley malt, and hops. With an ABV of 5%, it is the perfect choice for any occasion.

What sets Daredevil Brewing Company apart is their dedication to creating unique and innovative beers that push the boundaries of traditional brewing. From their hop-forward IPAs to their rich and complex stouts, each beer is crafted with care and precision, resulting in a remarkable drinking experience.

Furthermore, Daredevil Brewing Company is not just about great beer. They are also deeply committed to their community and have been actively involved in various charitable initiatives. Their passion for giving back is truly commendable and adds another layer of admiration for this outstanding brewery.

Whether you are a craft beer enthusiast or just someone looking to enjoy a high-quality brew, Daredevil Brewing Company is a name you can trust. With their commitment to excellence, innovative approach, and community involvement, they have established themselves as a true force to be reckoned with in the craft beer industry. Cheers to Daredevil Brewing Company for their outstanding contributions to the world of beer!

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