The California’s Iconic Ferrington Vineyard in Anderson Valley

Ferrington Vineyard is a 25-acre Pinot Noir vineyard located in the Anderson Valley AVA of Mendocino County, California. This stunning vineyard is nestled off Highway 128 in Booneville, a small and charming town in the heart of Anderson Valley. With its ideal climate and soil conditions, this area has beome renowned for its production of exceptional Pinot Noir and wines.

At Ferrington Vineyard, they strive to create world-class wines that honor the terroir and reflect the unique characteristics of their vineyards. All vines are handpicked for quality and planted with multiple clones of Pinot Noir to ensure a full range of flavors and complexity in their wines. Every year, careful attention is paid to details such as canopy management, irrigation practices, crop thinning, and harvesting at optimal ripeness levels to create truy extraordinary wines.

The Ferrington Vineyards are home to some of the most acclaimed Pinot Noir wines in California, with eight wineries purchasing their grapes each year. Their commitment to quality assurance means that customers can trust that they will receive nothing but the best when purchasing from Ferrington Vineyards. Visitors are welcome to tour the estate grounds and get a first-hand look at how these wines are crafted with care.

With its picturesque setting, attention to detail, high-quality grape production, and commitment to excellence – there's no wondr why Ferrington Vineyard has become one of California's most sought-after Pinot Noirs!

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Exploring the Location of Ferrington Vineyard

Ferrington Vineyard is located in Booneville, a small town situated off Highway 128 in the Anderson Valley of California. The vineyard covers twenty-five acres and produces some of the state's finest Pinot Noir grapes, each grown from multiple clones. Its grapes are sold to eight local wineries, making Ferrington Vineyard one of California's most acclaimed Pinot Noir vineyards.

Wines Produced in Anderson Valley

The Anderson Valley AVA is best known for its production of Pinot noir and sparkling wines. The region has a unique climate that allows grape varieties such as Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc to ripen slowly and evenly, resulting in complex, nuanced flavors. Its cool climate also makes it ideal for the production of high-quality sparkling wines. Anderson Valley Pinot noirs are renowned for their elegant structure and bright acidity, while the sparkling wines produced there are considered some of the finest in California. It is also home to seveal award-winning wineries that specialize in producing traditional method sparkling wines from grapes grown within this esteemed appellation.


Ferrington Vineyard is a renowned Pinot Noir vineyard located in the Anderson Valley AVA in Mendocino County, California. With its 25 acres of land planted with multiple clones of Pinot Noir, it provides eight wineries with high-quality grapes. The vineyard's location, nestled away off Highway 128 in Booneville, and its placement within the Anderson Valley AVA contribute to its excellent reputation for producing award-winning wines. Through their commitment to quality, the Ferrington Vineyard has become one of California's most acclaimed producers.

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