The Legendary Gambrinus Beer

When it comes to , few names evoke the sense of tradition and quality quite like Gambrinus. With its rich history and dedication to crafting exceptional brews, Gambrinus has become a staple in the beer industry.

Legend has it that Gambrinus, a European culture hero, made a pact with the devil to learn the art of . This tale adds a touch of mystique to the brand, but it's the taste and quality of Gambrinus beer that truly sets it apart.

One of Gambrinus' standout offerings is their Unfiltered . This beer is a testament to the brand's commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship. With its unfiltered and unpasteurized nature, this pale lager delivers a robust and flavorful experience.

At 4.8% ABV, Gambrinus Unfiltered Lager strikes a perfect balance between strength and drinkability. Its hopped- profile offers a pleasant bitterness that beer enthusiasts appreciate. While initially met with skepticism by the townspeople, this unique brew soon won over hearts with its distinct character.

The Gambrinus Company, based in San Antonio, Texas, is responsible for importing, brewing, and distributing Gambrinus beers. Led by CEO Carlos Alvarez, the company has played a significant role in introducing Mexican beer Corona Extra to the United States. Alvarez's passion for exceptional brews and his dedication to quality have undoubtedly influenced the success of Gambrinus beers.

When it comes to visual representation, Gambrinus is often depicted as a jovial figure – a rotund, bearded duke or king – with a tankard or mug in hand. This imagery perfectly captures the essence of the brand: a celebration of beer, brewing, and joie de vivre.

Gambrinus beer is not just a ; it's an experience. Each sip transports you to a world of tradition, craftsmanship, and enjoyment. Whether you're a seasoned beer aficionado or just starting your beer journey, Gambrinus offers something truly special.

So why not raise a glass to Gambrinus and relish in the flavors that have delighted beer lovers for generations? Let the legend and taste of Gambrinus beer speak for itself, and discover the magic of this iconic brand.

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What Kind Of Beer Is A Gambrinus?

Gambrinus is a type of beer known as an unfiltered lager. It is also referred to as an unpasteurized yeast pale lager. Unfiltered lagers, like Gambrinus, are brewed using traditional methods and do not undergo the filtration process that removes sediment and yeast particles. This results in a beer that is hazy in appearance and has a fuller body compared to filtered lagers.

Gambrinus has an by volume (ABV) of 4.8%, which is within the range of typical lagers. The use of unpasteurized yeast in the brewing process adds complexity to the flavor profile, often giving the beer a more pronounced yeast character.

Some key characteristics of Gambrinus unfiltered lager are:

– Hazy appearance: Due to the lack of filtration, Gambrinus has a cloudy or hazy appearance, which is a result of the yeast and sediment remaining in the beer.

– Fuller body: Unfiltered lagers like Gambrinus tend to have a fuller and richer mouthfeel compared to their filtered counterparts. This can be attributed to the presence of yeast and sediment in the beer.

– Yeast character: The use of unpasteurized yeast in the brewing process contributes to the flavor profile of Gambrinus. It may have a more pronounced yeast character, which can add complexity and depth to the beer's taste.

– Traditional brewing methods: Gambrinus is brewed using traditional methods, which often involve longer fermentation periods and cold conditioning. This allows the flavors to develop and mature, resulting in a well-rounded and balanced beer.

– Lower carbonation: Unfiltered lagers like Gambrinus typically have lower carbonation levels compared to highly carbonated beers. This can enhance the smoothness and drinkability of the beer.

Gambrinus unfiltered lager is a unique and flavorful beer that offers a different experience compared to filtered lagers. Its hazy appearance, fuller body, yeast character, and traditional brewing methods contribute to its distinct taste and profile.

Who Is The Beer Myth Of Gambrinus?

Gambrinus is a legendary figure often associated with beer and brewing. According to myth and folklore, he was a king, duke, or sometimes a simple man who became known as the “King of Beer” or the “Patron Saint of Beer.”

The origins of the Gambrinus legend are not entirely clear, with different variations found in different cultures and regions. However, the most popular story suggests that Gambrinus was a nobleman who lived in Flanders, Belgium, during the 13th century.

In this story, Gambrinus was deeply in love with a woman who was unattainable for him. Heartbroken and desperate to forget his unrequited love, he made a pact with the devil, trading his soul in exchange for the secret of brewing beer. The devil supposedly taught Gambrinus the art of brewing, and he became an expert brewer, creating a beer that was both strong and .

Initially, the townspeople were skeptical of Gambrinus' new beverage. They found its strength and bitterness unusual and were hesitant to try it. However, over time, as they tasted the beer and realized its unique qualities, they became enamored with it. The beer grew in popularity, and Gambrinus gained fame as the master brewer.

In some variations of the myth, Gambrinus is portrayed as a jovial and generous character, often depicted with a frothy beer mug in hand. He is seen as a symbol of celebration, merriment, and the joy of beer-drinking.

It is important to note that Gambrinus is purely a mythical character, and there is no historical evidence to support his existence. Nevertheless, his legend has become deeply ingrained in beer culture, and his name is often associated with beer brands, festivals, and even beer-related awards.

Gambrinus is a legendary figure associated with beer and brewing. According to the myth, he traded his soul to the devil to learn the art of brewing after being heartbroken over an unattainable love. The beer he created was initially met with skepticism but eventually gained popularity, making Gambrinus a symbol of beer and merriment.


Gambrinus beer is a unique and flavorful brew that captures the essence of European culture and the art of brewing. With its unfiltered and unpasteurized nature, it offers a distinct taste that sets it apart from other lagers. The legend of Gambrinus himself adds a touch of mystique to the beer, with tales of his passion for brewing and the lengths he went to perfect his craft.

Owned by Carlos Alvarez, The Gambrinus Company has successfully imported, brewed, and distributed beers on a regional and national basis. Alvarez's expertise, especially in introducing Corona Extra to the United States, showcases his commitment to delivering exceptional beer to consumers.

Visually, Gambrinus is often depicted as a rotund, bearded duke or king, emphasizing his association with joviality and joie de vivre. This representation adds to the beer's appeal and creates a sense of tradition and authenticity.

Gambrinus beer is a testament to the rich history and artistry of brewing. Its unfiltered lager offers a unique taste experience, while the legend of Gambrinus himself adds an element of intrigue. Whether enjoyed by beer enthusiasts or those new to the craft, Gambrinus beer is a true celebration of beer, brewing, and the enjoyment of life.

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