The Rich Taste of Gold Slivovitz: An Exploration of Eastern European Plum Brandy

Gold Slivovitz is a type of traditional plum from the Slavic regions of Eastern and Central Europe. This unique spirit has a distinct sweet-tart flavor that is unlike any other fruit brandy. It is made from ripe Damson plums, which are fermented with their cracked pits, and then distilled to produce a high content .

Gold Slivovitz typically has an alcohol content of 56% ABV (112 proof) but is ofen diluted with spring to a final 50% ABV (100 proof). This makes it much more palatable than traditional Slivovitz. It also has an intense golden color, hence its name. The nose of Gold Slivovitz carries the sweet aroma of ripe plums and subtle hints of spice, while the flavor is rich and complex with notes of fruit, herbs, and spices.

This traditional spirit can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but it also works well in such as Negronis and Manhattans or in classic drinks like the Old-Fashioned or Martini. For a truly unique experience, try adding Gold Slivovitz to your favorite desserts or use it in cooking to enhance the flavor of your dishes. With its unique taste and golden hue, Gold Slivovitz makes for a perfect addition to any home bar or kitchen pantry.

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The Type of Alcohol in Slivovitz

Slivovitz is an Eastern European spirit made from damson plums. It is a type of fruit brandy, or eau-de-vie, that is made by fermenting and distilling the of these plums. The resulting liquor has a deep amber color, with a robust and slightly sweet flavor. It can be enjoyed either neat or as an addition to cocktails. Slivovitz is popular in countries such as Croatia, Serbia and Romania, but it has been gaining in popularity elsewhere throughout the world as well.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Slivovitz?

Slivovitz is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented plums. It has a relatively high alcohol content, usually between 40-60% abv (80-120 proof). Before it is ready for consumption, it is usually diluted with spring water to a final strength of 50% abv (100 proof). Therefore, the percent alcohol in slivovitz is typically 50%.

Is Slivovitz a Type of Brandy?

Yes, slivovitz is a type of brandy. It is an alcoholic beverage made from Damson plums that has been distilled and aged. Slivovitz is popular in Slavic regions of Eastern and Central Europe, where it is known as plum brandy due to the type of fruit used in its production. The fermentation and distillation process used to make slivovitz results in a high alcohol content that can range anywhere between 40-65% ABV (alcohol by volume). Slivovitz is usually served as an after-dinner digestif or in mixed cocktails.

The Strength of Slivovitz

Yes, slivovitz is a strong spirit. It is typically made with a combination of fermented plums and grain alcohol, making it a potent drink. The alcohol content of slivovitz ranges from 40-60% ABV (alcohol by volume), depending on the recipe used to make it. It has a distinctively sharp and acidic flavor, making it an acquired taste for some people.

Aging Period of Slivovitz

Slivovitz is aged for a minimum of 7 years in oak . This is done to develop the full flavor and aroma of the distillate, as well as to mellow the taste. The aging process also helps remove any impurities from the fruit and creates a smoother, more pleasant drink. With proper aging, slivovitz can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Gold Slivovitz is a type of fruit brandy, made from Damson plums. It has a high degree of alcohol, uually 56% ABV (112 proof), and is usually diluted with spring water to 50% ABV (100 proof). Gold Slivovitz is produced in the Slavic regions of Eastern and Central Europe, and it is believed that this spirit was developed as a way to use up excess plums. Gold Slivovitz offers an intense flavor that can be used in cocktails, enjoyed on its own, or added to desserts for a unique flavor. It's an excellent way to enjoy the unique flavor of Damson plums, while getting a kick from its high alcohol content.

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