How do you make glitter beer?

Answered by Michael Blake

As an expert sommelier and brewer, I can certainly provide you with a detailed answer on how to make glitter . Glitter beer has gained popularity in recent years for its visually stunning and Instagram-worthy appearance. While the process itself is relatively simple, it requires careful attention to detail and the use of specific ingredients.

1. Selecting the Base Beer:
Start by choosing a base beer style that will complement the addition of glitter. Light-colored beers such as lagers, wheat beers, or pale ales work best as they provide a clear canvas for the glitter to shine. However, you can experiment with different styles to create unique combinations.

2. Clarifying the Beer:
To ensure that the glitter is visible and suspended evenly throughout the beer, it's crucial to clarify it beforehand. There are a few methods to achieve clarity, but one common technique is to use a fining agent such as gelatin or isinglass. These agents help remove any haze or particles, resulting in a clear beer.

3. Adding Edible Glitter:
Once your beer is clarified, it's time to add the glitter. It's important to note that regular craft glitter or non-edible glitters should never be used, as they can be harmful if ingested. Instead, opt for edible glitter or dust specifically designed for use in food and beverages.

4. Choosing Edible Glitter:

5. Application and Dosage:
The amount of glitter to be added depends on personal preference, but it's essential to maintain a balance so that the glitter enhances the beer's appearance without overpowering its taste. Start by adding a small amount of glitter to a measured sample of beer and assess its visual impact. Adjust the dosage accordingly until you achieve the desired effect.

6. Mixing and Carbonation:
Once you have determined the appropriate dosage, gently mix the glitter into the beer to ensure even distribution. Avoid excessive agitation, as it can lead to excessive foaming or loss of carbonation. If necessary, you can also add a small amount of priming sugar to carbonate the beer before packaging.

7. Packaging and Presentation:
When packaging glitter beer, it's crucial to use clear or translucent containers such as bottles or cans to showcase the glitter's shimmer. Ensure proper sealing to maintain carbonation levels. Consider using labels or branding to emphasize the unique nature of your glitter beer.

Now, it's worth mentioning that glitter beer is primarily appreciated for its visual appeal rather than its taste. While the glitter itself is edible, it doesn't contribute any significant flavor to the beer. Therefore, it's essential to focus on creating a well-crafted base beer that can stand on its own, with the added glitter being a bonus feature.

Making glitter beer involves selecting a suitable base beer, clarifying it, choosing edible glitters, adding them in the right dosage, and packaging the beer to showcase its visual appeal. Remember to adhere to safety guidelines and use only FDA-approved edible glitters specifically designed for consumption.