The World of Rice Whiskey

Rice , also known as rice-based whiskey, is a type of distilled spirit that is produced from rice. Unlike traditional whiskey that is made from grains like barley, corn, and , rice whiskey is made using 100% rice as the primary ingredient.

One of the most notable rice whiskey producers is Fukano Shuzo Distillery, located in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan. The distillery uses locally-grown rice from the Kumamoto prefecture to produce their signature Fukano Whisky. The result is a light and fruity spirit that has a lump of sweetness and vanilla notes.

Another notable producer of rice whiskey is Louisiana-based JT Meleck Distillers. They have recently launched what is claimed to be the first commercially available American whiskey made entirely from rice. This unique whiskey has a smooth and nutty flavor with a subtle sweetness.

Rice whiskey is gaining popularity among whiskey enthusiasts due to its unique flavor profile and the use of rice as a primary ingredient. The rice used in the distillation process can impart dfferent flavors depending on the type of rice used and the distillation process.

Rice whiskey is a unique and exciting addition to the world of whiskey. With producers like Fukano Shuzo Distillery and JT Meleck Distillers leading the way, we can expect to see more rice-based whiskeys entering the market in the coming years.

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What Whiskey Is Made From Rice?

Whiskey made from rice is commonly knon as rice whiskey. One of the popular brands of rice whiskey is Fukano Whisky, which is made with 100% locally-grown rice from the Kumamoto prefecture in Japan. The region is renowned for rice farming, and the whiskey is distilled by the Fukano Shuzo Distillery, run by the fifth generation of the Fukano family. The use of rice as the main ingredient in whiskey production gives it a unique taste and aroma, distinct from other types of whiskey. The rice is fermented, distilled, and aged to produce a smooth and flavorful whiskey that is gaining popularity among whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

What Does Rice Whiskey Taste Like?

Rice whiskey, also known as sake or shochu, has a unique taste profile. It is typically light and fruity, with a noticeable sweetness from the rice used in its production. The sweetness can be described as a lump of sake sweetness that dominates the flavor profile.

There are also notes of spirity vanilla that come out to play, as well as lighter notes of lemon zest, marshmallows, spice, and . However, these notes are not as pronounced as the sake sweetness and vanilla.

Rice whiskey has a light and refreshing taste profile, with a sweet and fruity character that makes it distinct from other types of whiskey. It is oten enjoyed as a sipping liquor or used in , where its unique flavor can add depth and complexity to the drink.

Who Makes Rice Whiskey?

Rice whiskey is a type of whiskey that is made by distilling a fermented mash of rice grains. While rice whiskey is not as common as other types of whiskey, there are several distilleries that produce it. One of the leading producers of rice whiskey is JT Meleck Distillers, a Louisiana-based distillery that has recently launched the first commercially available American whiskey made entirely from rice. Other notable producers of rice whiskey include Sasanokawa Shuzo in Japan, which makes a popular brand called “Yamazakura,” and Kavalan Distillery in Taiwan, which produces a rice whiskey called “Concertmaster.”


Rice whiskey is a unique and flavorful spirit that offers a distinctive taste experience. With its origins in Asia, rice whiskey has gained popularity around the world, with distillers uing locally-grown rice to create new and exciting variations of the spirit. Fukano Whisky from Japan is a prime example of this, using 100% locally-grown rice from Kumamoto prefecture to create a light and fruity whiskey with a hint of sake sweetness. Meanwhile, Louisiana-based JT Meleck Distillers has introduced the first commercially available American whiskey made entirely from rice. With its versatility and unique character, rice whiskey is sure to continue gaining popularity among whiskey lovers everywhere.

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