How does Angel Face end?

Answered by John Watkins

Angel Face is a 1952 film noir directed by Otto Preminger. The movie tells the story of Frank Jessup, a young ambulance driver who becomes entangled in a dangerous love affair with Diane Tremayne, the wealthy and troubled daughter of a prominent family. The film builds up suspense and tension as we witness Frank being drawn deeper into a web of deceit and betrayal.

In the final act of the movie, Frank returns to the Tremayne estate to retrieve his belongings. He had previously arranged for a taxi to pick him up, but Diane unexpectedly offers to drive him to the train station. Frank, still entangled in his feelings for Diane, hesitates for a moment but ultimately accepts her offer.

As they get into the car, there is a palpable tension in the air. Both Frank and Diane are aware of the dangerous game they have been playing, and the consequences of their actions loom heavily over them. The atmosphere inside the car is thick with emotions, and the audience can feel the impending doom lurking around the corner.

Diane starts the car and puts it in gear. As they begin to drive away from the Tremayne estate, something seems off. The audience can sense that this drive will not be a simple trip to the train station. Diane's driving becomes increasingly erratic, and her emotions seem to be spiraling out of control.

Suddenly, Diane accelerates backwards, crashing through a barrier and hurtling down the cliffside. The car tumbles and rolls, its metal frame crunching and bending under the force of the impact. The scene is both chaotic and terrifying, as the audience is thrown into the chaos of the crash alongside Frank and Diane.

The car comes to a stop at the bottom of the cliff, motionless and mangled. Frank and Diane, both fatally wounded, lie still amidst the wreckage. Their ill-fated love affair has come to a tragic end, as they pay the ultimate price for their actions.

The film ends with a sense of somber finality. The audience is left to contemplate the consequences of Frank and Diane's choices and the destructive power of forbidden love. Angel Face, true to its film noir roots, delivers a dark and fatalistic ending that leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.

Angel Face concludes with a tragic and fateful twist of events. Frank and Diane, driven by their forbidden love, meet their untimely demise as their car crashes down a cliff. The film leaves the audience with a sense of melancholy and a reminder of the destructive nature of passion and desire.