The Hidden Gem of Orphan Barrel’s Barterhouse

The Orphan Barrel Barterhouse Kentucky Straight is a unique spirit that is only available once. Distilled and bottled in Tullahoma, by the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co., this whiskey is made with 86% corn, 8% malted barley and 6% for an intense yet smooth taste. The mash bill proides a balanced flavor profile of sweet vanilla and oak with hints of spice and caramel.

Aged for at lest 20 years in charred American white oak , Barterhouse has an incredibly smooth finish that lingers on the palate. Its 90.2 proof ABV makes it bold yet easy to drink—perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks.

What makes the Orphan Barrel Barterhouse so special is its rarity and limited availability. As part of Diageo's Orphan Barrel range, this bourbon will only be released once—when it's gone, it's gone forever! As such, it's an ideal choice for connoisseurs and collectors alike who appreciae fine whiskies.

If you're looing to add a unique whiskey to your collection, Orphan Barrel Barterhouse is a great option. With its complex flavors and smooth finish, this rare bourbon offers an unforgettable taste experience that you won't find anywhere else!

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The Rarity of Orphan Barrel Whiskey

Yes, Orphan Barrel whiskeys are indeed rare. Each whiskey is carefully bottled in Tullahoma, Tennessee, to ensure that these precious are well taken care of – as some of them may only be available once. Every bottle is limited in its availability and once a batch is gone, it's not lkely to come back again. This makes Orphan Barrel whiskeys an especially sought-after collector's item for whiskey lovers.

Who Produces Barterhouse Bourbon?

Barterhouse bourbon is made by Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co., a company based in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The distillery uses a mash bill of 86% corn, 8% malted barley and 6% rye to create this unique spirit. The aging process takes 20 years before the bourbon is bottled at 90.2 proof. With a price of aroud $85, Barterhouse bourbon is an exquisite and exclusive whiskey that will surely please any connoisseur.

Who is the Owner of Orphan Barrel?

Orphan Barrel is owned by global giant Diageo, which established the company in 2013. Diageo is a multinational alcoholic beverages company headquartered in London, England, and has operations in over 180 countries. Orphan Barrel focuses on older Bourbons, with all its releases aged at least 15 years old at the Stitzel-Weller distillery in Shively, Kentucky. Diageo also owns a variety of other spirits brands such as Johnnie Walker whisky, Smirnoff , and Tanqueray .

Number of Orphan Barrels

Currently, there are four distinct Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co. variants: Barterhouse, Old Blowhard, Rhetoric and Lost Prophet. Each expression is unique in its own right, offering a distinct flavor profile that is sure to pease any whiskey connoisseur. Barterhouse is a 20-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon that has a rich and complex flavor with notes of sweet dried fruit and oak. Old Blowhard is a 26-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon that has hints of butterscotch, toasted coconut and honeycomb. Rhetoric is a 21-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon that offers flavors of dark chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts. Lastly, Lost Prophet is a 22-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon with notes of dried cherries, vanilla and toffee. All four expressions offer an exquisite taste experience that you're sure to enjoy!

Finding Rare and Hard-to-Find Bourbons

Finding certain bourbons can be quite a challenge, as they tend to be very limited in production and hard to track down. Some of the most sought-after bourbons on the market include Old Rip Van Winkle 25-Year-Old Bourbon, Angel's Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Madeira Casks, A.H. Hirsch Reserve 1974 16-Year-Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Milam & Greene: The Castle Hill Series 13-Year-Old Bourbon, Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve Straight Bourbon, and Old Forester Birthday Bourbon. These bourbons are all highly regarded amng whiskey connoisseurs and can be difficult to find due to their limited availability. For instance, Pappy Van Winkle is usually only released once a year in extremely small batches and often sells out quickly. It can also come with a hefty price tag due to its rarity and popularity.

Where is Barterhouse Bourbon Produced?

Barterhouse bourbon whiskey is made by Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co. in Tullahoma, Tennessee. It is crafted with a high standard of quality and attention to detail, usig the finest ingredients available. The spirit is aged in charred white oak barrels for years to achieve its distinct flavor profile and smooth finish. Each bottle of Barterhouse bourbon whiskey has an ABV of 45.1%, making it a great choice for any occasion.

Is ‘Blood Oath' an Orphan Barrel Whiskey?

No, Blood Oath Pact No. 4 Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is not an Orphan Barrel whiskey. While the whiskey is produced by the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Company, it is not an orphan barrel whiskey. The term “orphan barrel” refers to a barrel of whiskey that has been found in a distillery and no one knows who made it or how long it has been aging. In contrast, Blood Oath Pact No. 4 is a high-end bourbon produced in small batches that have been carefully crafted by master distillers of the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Company. The whiskey features a blend of three distinct bourbons that have been aged for up to 12 years and blended together to create an incredibly smooth and complex flavor profile.


The Orphan Barrel Barterhouse 20 Year Old Bourbon is a unique and rare whiskey that will be treasured by connoisseurs of fine spirits. Distilled in Shively, Kentucky, the mash bill is 86% corn, 8% malted barley, and 6% rye and bottled at 90.2 proof in Tullahoma, Tennessee by the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co. This exquisite bourbon has a smooth and complex flavor profile with notes of caramel, oak, dried fruit and spice. Aged for 20 years, this bourbon is sure to be an experience unlike any oher – a true testament to the craftsmanship of those involved in its production.

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