How much alcohol is golden road?

Answered by John Watkins

As an expert sommelier and brewer, I find it quite intriguing that Golden Road 's Mango Cart flavored has an by volume (ABV) of 4.0% per serving. This ABV puts it at a solid percentage point below the average ABV of 5% for most beers. It is surprising because many craft brews tend to have higher ABV ratings.

Craft breweries are known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to alcohol content in their beers. They often experiment with different ingredients and brewing techniques to create unique and flavorful brews. This exploration often leads to higher ABV beers, which can range anywhere from 6% to even 12% or more.

However, Golden Road's decision to have a lower ABV for their Mango Cart beer might be a deliberate choice. They might be aiming to create a more sessionable and approachable beer that can be enjoyed in larger quantities without the overwhelming effects of higher alcohol content. This lower ABV can make it a great option for those who prefer a more refreshing and lighter beer.

Personally, I appreciate the diversity in the industry. While I enjoy high ABV beers for their complexity and bold flavors, I also appreciate the balance and drinkability of lower ABV options. It allows for more versatility in pairing with different foods and occasions.

It is worth noting that the ABV of a beer can be influenced by various factors, including the brewing process, choice of ingredients, and fermentation techniques. Some breweries may intentionally lower or increase the ABV to achieve a specific flavor profile or to cater to a particular market segment.

In the case of Golden Road's Mango Cart beer, the lower ABV of 4.0% might be a deliberate choice to enhance the fruity flavors of mango and create a more sessionable beer. This lower alcohol content can make it suitable for casual social settings or for those who prefer a lighter drinking experience.

The ABV of Golden Road Brewing's Mango Cart beer stands at 4.0%, which is slightly below the average ABV of most beers. While this may be surprising considering the trend of higher ABV craft brews, it is likely a deliberate choice to create a more approachable and sessionable beer that highlights the flavors of mango. The diversity in the craft beer industry allows for a range of ABV options, catering to various preferences and occasions.