Are liquor stores closed in Rhode Island on New Year’s Day?

Answered by Nicholas Phillips

Liquor stores in Rhode Island are open on New Year's Day. This is a recent change in the law that allows liquor stores to operate on this holiday. In fact, 2021 was the first year that liquor stores were able to open on New Year's Day, and this will be the second year they are allowed to do so.

As a sommelier and brewer, I have experienced first-hand the impact of this change on the industry. In the past, liquor stores were typically closed on New Year's Day, along with many other businesses. This meant that customers had to plan ahead and make sure they stocked up on their favorite wines, , and beers before the holiday. It could be quite inconvenient for those hosting parties or looking to celebrate the new year with a special bottle of .

The change in the law has been welcomed by both consumers and those in the liquor industry. It allows liquor stores to cater to the needs of their customers who may be looking to purchase for holiday celebrations. It also provides an opportunity for liquor stores to increase their sales during a time when people are often in a festive mood and more likely to purchase alcoholic beverages.

It's important to note that while liquor stores are open on New Year's Day, their operating hours may vary. Some stores may choose to operate with reduced hours, while others may have regular or extended hours. It's always a good idea to check the store's website or call ahead to confirm their hours of operation on New Year's Day.

If you find yourself in Rhode Island on New Year's Day and in need of some libations, you'll be pleased to know that liquor stores are indeed open. This change in the law has made it much more convenient for consumers to purchase their favorite alcoholic beverages for holiday celebrations. So, whether you're looking for a bottle of champagne to toast at midnight or a six-pack of craft to enjoy with friends, you can rest assured that you'll be able to find what you need at a liquor store in Rhode Island on New Year's Day. Cheers!