Is ABC liquor only in Florida?

Answered by Andrew Fritz

ABC liquor is not only found in Florida, but it does have a strong presence in the state. As a sommelier and brewer, I have had the opportunity to visit ABC stores in various locations and have found them to be consistently stocked with an extensive selection of wines, , and beers.

One of the standout features of ABC stores is their wide range of products. With over 10,000 different wines, spirits, and beers, ABC truly caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for popular brands or more exclusive offerings, you are likely to find them at ABC. This vast selection is one of the reasons why ABC has become a go-to destination for many liquor enthusiasts.

Another aspect that sets ABC apart is their dedication to . Many ABC stores have walk-in humidors, which have helped establish ABC as one of the top cigar retailers in the country. As a sommelier, I have often found myself drawn to the harmonious pairing of a fine cigar with a delicious drink, and ABC provides the perfect setting for such indulgences.

While ABC is most prevalent in Florida, it is worth noting that they do have stores in other states as well. However, the concentration of stores in Florida is certainly notable, and it is in this state where ABC has truly made a name for itself. The combination of their vast selection, exclusive offerings, and dedication to cigars has helped ABC establish a strong presence in the liquor industry.

ABC liquor stores are not limited to Florida, but the state is where they shine the brightest. Whether you are a connoisseur, a spirits enthusiast, a lover, or a cigar aficionado, ABC offers a comprehensive and diverse range of options to cater to your preferences. So, whether you're a local or just visiting Florida, be sure to check out an ABC store and experience their unique offerings for yourself.