Kick Up Your Night With Long Drink Strong

If you're looking for a refreshing and unique ready-made cocktail, then Long Drink Strong is the perfect choice. This ready-made is made with Finnish gin and grapefruit , creating a deliciously sweet and tangy flavor. What makes this drink even more special is that it has an 8.5% ABV, making it significantly stronger than its original 5.5% counterpart.

Long Drink Strong has been gaining popularity recently due to its all natural ingredients, as well as its gluten free status. The unique flavor of this drink has been winning over many people who are looking for something new to enjoy afer a long day or on a night out with friends. It's also incredibly easy to prepare, simply open the can and enjoy!

The combination of Finnish gin and grapefruit soda make this drink perfect for those hot summer days when you just want something to cool off with. The strong citrus notes will invigorate your taste buds while the sweet finish of the gin will ensure that you get your money's worth in terms of flavor. If you're feeling adventurous, try mixing Long Drink Strong with some tonic or ginger for an even more interesting cocktail experience!

Long Drink Strong has become a favorite amongst many Finns due to its refreshing taste, ease of preparation, and strong content. Whether you're looking for something special to share with friends at a party or just want something new to sip on by yourself at home, Long Drink Strong is sure to be a hit!

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The Strength of a Long Drink

A long drink is an alcoholic beverage that is typically served in a tall glass or highball glass. It usually contains a spirit, such as gin or , and a mixer, such as soda or tonic water. The strength of the drink depends on the ratio of alcohol to mixer used. Generally, a long drink will have an alcohol content somewhere between 4-7%, with some drinks reaching up to 8-9%. However, it is important to remember that the strength can vary greatly depending on how much of each ingredient is used. In addition to the alcohol content, it is also important to consider the number of servings–a single long drink can contain anywhre from one to four standard servings of alcohol.

What Alcohol Is Used to Make a Long Drink?

Long Drink is an alcoholic beverage made of a mix of Finnish gin and grapefruit soda. The gin used in Long Drink is called Koskenkorva, which is made from barley and . The alcohol content of Koskenkorva is 37.5% ABV (alcohol by volume), making Long Drink have an alcohol content of approximately 5.5%. The grapefruit soda used in Long Drink is called Gini, which contains no alcohol, but does give the drink its distinctive flavor. Enjoy Long Drink responsibly!

The Origins of the Name ‘Long Drink'

The Long Drink derives its name from the Finnish long drink, or lonkero, which has been a popular mixed drink in Finland for decades. The beverage is made by combining such as gin with citrus-flavored soda and a splash of grapefruit . As the ingredients are all mixed together before being poured over ice, the resulting drink is both refreshing and quite long in comparison to other cocktails. This combination of taste and size quickly made it a favorite among Finns and earned it the title of “long drink.”

Is Long Drink a Hard Seltzer?

No, long drink is not a . Long drink is a carbonated beverage made with grain alcohol, such as gin or vodka, mixed with a citrus-flavored soda. It is typically served in a tall, chilled glass over ice with a slice of lime. The alcohol content of long drink ranges from 4%-7% ABV, making it slightly weaker than most hard seltzers which are usually around 5%-9% ABV.


Long Drink Strong is an excellent choice for those looking for a refreshing beverage with a bit of a kick. It's made with real Finnish gin and grapefruit soda, and has an ABV of 8.5%, which is stronger than the original version's 5.5%. The drink is also gluten-free and all natural, so it can be enjoyed without worry. Whether you're looking for something to enjoy on its own or as part of a cocktail, Long Drink Strong is sure to satisfy.

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