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Maine is a state that is well known for its craft scene. With over 100 craft breweries, it is a hub for beer enthusiasts who are looking for unique and flavorful brews. The Maine Beer Guild is an organization that is dedicated to promoting and supporting the industry in the state. In this article, we will delve deeper into what the Maine Beer Guild is all about.

The Maine Beer Guild is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 2013. Its main objective is to promote and advance the craft beer industry in Maine. The organization works to educate the public about the craft beer scene in the state and to help its members grow their businesses. The Maine Beer Guild is made up of over 100 members, including brewers, distributors, and retailers.

One of the main ways that the Maine Beer Guild promotes the craft beer industry is through events. The organization hosts a number of events throughout the year, including festivals, tours, and tastings. These events provide an opportunity for beer lovers to sample new and innovative brews from local breweries, while also supporting the industry.

In addition to events, the Maine Beer Guild also provides resources and support to its members. The organization offers educational workshops and seminars to help its members improve their techniques and grow their businesses. It also works to advocate for the craft beer industry at the state and national level, lobbying for laws and regulations that are favorable to the industry.

The Maine Beer Guild is also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Many of its members use locally sourced ingredients and practice environmentally friendly brewing techniques. The organization works to promote tese practices and to encourage its members to adopt sustainable and responsible practices.

The Maine Beer Guild is an important organization that plays a vital role in supporting and promoting the craft beer industry in Maine. Its events, resources, and advocacy work help to grow the industry and make it more sustainable. If you are a beer lover or a member of the industry, the Maine Beer Guild is definitely an organization worth supporting.

What Is The Most Popular Beer In Maine?

Based on current sales and consumer preferences, it is difficult to determine a single most popular beer in Maine. However, some of the top breweries in Maine include Maine Beer Company, Allagash Brewing Company, Bissell Brothers, and Oxbow Brewing Company. Some of the best-selling beers from these breweries include Maine Beer Company's Dinner and Lunch, Allagash White from Allagash Brewing Company, and Swish from Bissell Brothers. It is worth noting that Maine has a thriving craft beer scene with numerous small and independent breweries offering a wide range of unique and flavorful beers.

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What Is The Strongest Beer In Maine?

The strongest beer currently available in Maine is the Black Barn 28 by Maine Beer Company. This beer was released just before Christmas and is the brewery's darkest and most potent beer to date, with an ABV of 12.2%. The Black Barn 28 has been aged on cinnamon, ancho chili, and natural vanilla beans, giving it a unique flavor profile that's perfect for sipping during the long winter nights. So if you're looking for a strong and flavorful beer in Maine, the Black Barn 28 is definitely worth trying.

How Many Breweries Are On The Maine Beer Trail?

The Maine Beer Trail is a network of craft breweries in Maine that spans both inland and coastal regions. As of now, the trail connects over 100 craft breweries, and the number continues to grow each year. These breweries offer a wide variety of unique and flavorful beers, and the trail provides a perfect opportunity for beer lovers to explore the diverse brewing scene in Maine.

What Town In Maine Has The Most Breweries?

The town in Maine with the most breweries is Portland. With a population just under 70,000, the city boasts an impressive 18 breweries per 50,000 people, making it the town with the highest concentration of craft breweries in America. Craft beer enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy the variety of breweries available in Portland, Maine.


The Maine Beer Guild is a thriving community of craft beer enthusiasts, brewers, and businesses that are dedicated to promoting and supporting the local beer scene in Maine. With more than 100 craft breweries in the state, tere is no shortage of unique and delicious beers to try. Whether you're a local or a tourist, the Maine Beer Guild offers a variety of events and resources to help you discover and explore the best of what Maine has to offer. From the popular Maine Beer Trail to the annual Maine Brewers' Guild Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the passion and creativity of Maine's craft beer community. So if you're a beer lover looking for your next adventure, be sure to add Maine to your list!

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