Taste Texas-Made Vodka: 1876 Well Vodka

Welcome to the world of 1876 Well – a Texas-crafted, award-winning spirit that is sure to please with its smooth taste and unique flavor.

San Luis Distilling Company, founded by brothers Gary and Kevin Kelleher in 2005, has dedicated itself to the art of distilling world-class products in small batches. As the second distiller in Texas, the company remains family owned and operated.

The 1876 Well Vodka is an innovative take on premium Texas well vodka made from non-GMO corn. The vodka is handcrafted in small batches and is naturally gluten free. It's seven-times distilled for a smooth and clean taste that stands out above other vodkas on the market.

The 1876 Well Vodka offers an array of all natural flavors as well as classic for you to explore and try. Whether you're looking for a traditional vodka martini or something more adventurous like a watermelon , 1876 Well Vodka has something for everybody!

The company believes in offering high quality products at an affordable price, so that everyone can enjoy their signature craft vodka without breaking the bank. With such great quality and prices, it's no wonder why 1876 Well Vodka has won numerous awards including beng named “Best Craft Vodka” by Tasting Institute in 2017!

If you're looking for an excellent craft vodka that is sure to impress your friends and family with its smooth taste and unique flavors, then look no further than 1876 Well Vodka from San Luis Spirits Distilling Company!

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Origin of 1876 Vodka

1876 vodka is made at San Luis Spirits Distilling Company, located in Blanco, Texas. Founded by brothers Gary and Kevin Kelleher in 2005, this family-owned and operated distillery is dedicated to the art of crafting world-class spirits in small batches. Using locally-sourced ingredients and cutting-edge distilling techniques, 1876 vodka is made in a traditional copper pot still to ensure only the highest quality product. The result is an award-winning vodka that has been recognized nationally for its smooth flavor and exceptional taste.

What Ingredients Are Used to Make 1876 Vodka?

1876 Vodka is a premium Texas well vodka crafted in small batches using non-GMO corn. We use traditional distillation techniques to bring out the natural flavor and character of the grain, creating a smooth and flavorful spirit. Our vodka is naturally gluten free, so it can be enjoyed by everyone. During distillation, we use a combination of copper and stainless steel to ensure that our vodka is free from impurities. we bottle 1876 Vodka at 80 proof for an optimal balance between strength and flavor.


1876 Vodka is a high-quality, yet affordable Texas vodka that is handmade in small batches using non-GMO corn. This all-natural, gluten-free vodka is seven-times distilled for a clean taste that has won multiple awards. With its superior flavor and smooth finish, 1876 Vodka is the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a classic cocktail or something new and innovative, this Texas well vodka will not disappoint. Enjoy 1876 Vodka for its taste today and be proud to share a product that celebrates the Lone Star State's history and spirit.

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