The Rich and Creamy Texture of Maker’s Mark FAE!

Welcome to the Maker's Mark FAE 02 blog post. The Maker's Mark FAE 02 is an exciting and unique expression of a classic . It is bottled at 101-proof, making it a rare and special offering from Maker's Mark that is only avalable to select guests.

The Maker's Mark FAE 02 is made with Fatty Acid Esters (FAE), which gives it its rich, creamy texture. This unique blend also provides the bourbon with a distinct floral aroma that includes notes of deep rose, fruit and spice, as well as hints of chocolate.

The whiskey itself has a dark amber color, similar to the traditional Maker's Mark expressions and cmes in the standard wood-finishing series bottle with a unique wax seal.

If you are fortunate enouh to have access to this unique offering from Maker's Mark, we suggest you enjoy it neat or on the rocks for best results. We hope you enjoy this rare and special expression of Maker's Mark Whiskey!

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Understanding the Meaning of ‘Fae' in Makers Mark

Fatty Acid Esters (FAE) is the key ingredient in Maker's Mark that gives it its rich and creamy texture. FAE stands for Fatty Acid Esters, which are derived from natural oils and fats such as vegetable oil, palm oil, tallow, lard, and butter. These fatty acids are then combined with an to form a fatty acid ester, which binds with molecules to create a smooth, creamy texture. FAE also helps to give Maker's Mark its distinct flavor profile while helping to preserve the whiskey's quality over time.

What Does the Acronym FAE 02 Mean?

FAE 02 stands for “Fatty Acid Esters 02”. It is a wood finishing product composed of a blend of fatty acid esters and other natural materials. This blend has been specially formulated to create beautiful and durable finishes on wood surfaces, such as furniture and cabinets. The blend helps protect the wood from water, stains, and fading while adding an attractive look to the surface.

Is Makers Mark a Top Shelf Whiskey?

Yes, Maker's Mark is a top-shelf whiskey. It is known for its smooth, sweet taste and its distinct red wax seal. The whiskey is made from a blend of corn, wheat, and barley , and then aged in charred oak for at leat six years. This aging process helps give Maker's Mark its distinctive flavor profile. This whiskey is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, allowing the drinker to experience the full depth of flavor without added mixers or ingredients clouding the profile. Maker's Mark has been recognized by various organizations as one of the top shelf whiskeys among connoisseurs and industry experts alike.


In conclusion, Maker's Mark FAE 02 is an exceptional whiskey that features a unique blend of floral notes, deep rose, fruit with spice and chocolate. Its distinct 101-proof expression is made from a special recipe that includes fatty acid esters to give it its creamy texture. Not only does this whiskey have a rich flavor profile, but it also has the signature hand-dipped wax seal that Maker's Mark is known for. All in all, Maker's Mark FAE 02 is an exquisite whisky suitable for any special occasion.

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