The Top Malt Liquor Brands

When it comes to liquor, there is no shortage of options for those seeking a bold and flavorful experience. Often characterized by their high content and distinctive taste, malt liquors have gained a loyal following among beer enthusiasts looking for something a little different. In this article, we will delve into the world of malt liquor brands, exploring some popular choices and highlighting their unique qualities.

One of the most well-known malt liquor brands is Olde English 800. With its iconic forty-ounce bottle, Olde English 800 has become synonymous with the malt liquor experience. Known for its smooth and full-bodied flavor, this brand has been a staple in the malt liquor market for decades. With an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 6.00%, Olde English 800 delivers a satisfying kick that is sure to please those seeking a stronger brew.

Another popular choice among malt liquor enthusiasts is Colt 45. With its tagline “Works Every Time,” Colt 45 has built a reputation for its consistent quality and bold taste. At 5.61% ABV, this brand offers a slightly lower alcohol content compared to some other malt liquors, but it still packs a punch. Crafted using a blend of premium and malted barley, Colt 45 delivers a smooth and rich flavor profile that is sure to satisfy.

For those looking to try something a bit more unique, Mickey's is a malt liquor brand worth exploring. Known for its distinctive green bottle and hornet mascot, Mickey's offers a refreshing and crisp taste that sets it apart from other malt liquors. With an ABV of 5.60%, this brand provides a milder yet still flavorful option for those seeking a malt liquor experience with a twist.

If you're in the mood for something with a bit more character, Camo 40 might be the brand for you. With its bold and robust flavor, Camo 40 stands out among other malt liquors. Boasting an ABV of 8.50%, this brand is not for the faint of heart. Camo 40 is known for its intense taste and smooth finish, making it a favorite among those who enjoy a strong and flavorful brew.

While these are just a few examples, the world of malt liquor offers a wide variety of options for beer enthusiasts to explore. From classic brands like Olde English 800 and Colt 45 to more unique offerings like Mickey's and Camo 40, there is something for everyone in the malt liquor market.

It's important to remember that malt liquor is a that should be enjoyed responsibly. With its higher alcohol content, it's crucial to consume malt liquor in moderation and be aware of your limits.

Malt liquor brands offer a range of bold and flavorful options for those seeking a unique beer experience. Whether you prefer the smooth and full-bodied taste of Olde English 800 or the intense flavor of Camo 40, there is a malt liquor brand out there to suit your preferences. So go ahead, explore the world of malt liquor and discover your new favorite brew. Cheers!

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What Are The Common Malt Liquors?

As a beer enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to explore various types of malt liquors, including those sold in forty-ounce bottles. In this article, I will provide you with an overview of some popular malt liquors available in this larger format. From the classic choices to lesser-known options, here's a breakdown of the common malt liquors you might come across.

Olde English 800:
One of the most well-known malt liquors, Olde English 800, is often associated with the forty-ounce bottle. With its distinct malt flavor and higher alcohol content, it has gained popularity among enthusiasts seeking a strong and robust taste.

Colt 45:
Colt 45 is another malt liquor that has made its mark in the forty-ounce bottle category. Known for its smoothness and rich flavor profile, it has become a go-to choice for many malt liquor aficionados. It offers a balanced combination of malt sweetness and bitterness, making it a popular pick for those seeking a satisfying drinking experience.

Mickey's, often found in a green grenade-shaped bottle, is a malt liquor that stands out for its unique packaging. Beyond its eye-catching appearance, Mickey's offers a crisp and refreshing taste, making it a popular choice for those looking for a lighter malt liquor option.

Other Options:
In addition to the aforementioned malt liquors, there are several other options available in forty-ounce bottles. Camo 40, Black Fist, Country Club, Black Bull, Labatt Blue Dry (in varying strengths), WildCat, Molson Dry (in varying strengths), Private Stock, Big Bear, St. Ides, Steel Reserve 211, B40 Bull Max, King Cobra, and Hurricane are among the commonly found choices.

What's The Strongest Malt Liquor?

As a beer enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to try many different types of malt liquor, including some of the strongest ones available. One of the strongest malt liquors I have come across is Founders DKML, which boasts an impressive ABV of 14.2%. This beer is aged in , giving it a rich and complex flavor profile. The higher alcohol content is definitely noticeable, and it packs quite a punch.

Another strong malt liquor that I have tried is Moonlight Toast (Slightly Burned) Malt Liquor, with an ABV of 7.2%. While not as potent as Founders DKML, it still falls into the category of strong malt liquors. This particular beer has a unique toasted flavor, with a slight burnt character, which adds depth to its taste.

Mikkeller MAD4 Malt Liquor is another strong contender, with an ABV of 9.0%. This beer is known for its hoppy and profile, which balances well with its higher alcohol content. The strong flavors and high ABV make it a bold choice for those who enjoy a stronger malt liquor.

Three Magnets Brass Froggy is yet another example of a strong malt liquor, coming in at 8.2% ABV. This beer has a smooth and malty character, with hints of caramel and toffee. The higher alcohol content adds a warmth to the overall experience, making it a strong and satisfying choice.

It's worth noting that strong malt liquors are not for everyone. The higher alcohol content can be overpowering for some, and it's important to drink responsibly and in moderation. It's also worth mentioning that the strength of a malt liquor can vary depending on the batch and process, so it's always a good idea to check the label or do some research before trying a new beer.

There are several strong malt liquors available on the market, each with its own unique flavor profile and alcohol content. Founders DKML, Moonlight Toast (Slightly Burned) Malt Liquor, Mikkeller MAD4 Malt Liquor, and Three Magnets Brass Froggy are all examples of strong malt liquors that I have personally tried. However, it's important to remember that the strength of a malt liquor can vary and it's always best to drink responsibly.


The world of malt liquor offers a wide variety of brands to suit different tastes and preferences. From classic options like Olde English 800 and Colt 45 to more unique choices like Moonlight Toast and Three Magnets Brass Froggy, there is something for everyone in the malt liquor market.

These brands often come in large forty ounce bottles, providing ample quantity for those looking to indulge. They are known for their higher alcohol content, with ABV ranging from 5.9% to as high as 14.2% in the case of Founders DKML. This makes them a popular choice for those seeking a stronger alcoholic beverage.

The taste profiles of these malt liquors vary, with some offering a crisp and clean flavor, while others lean towards a slightly burned or toasty taste. Some brands incorporate a mix of premium aroma hop varieties and barley malts, resulting in a balanced and refreshing drinking experience.

It's worth noting that malt liquor is often associated with the concept of “forties,” referring to the forty ounce bottles in which they are typically sold. This has become a cultural symbol in certain communities, representing a form of celebration or social gathering.

Malt liquor brands provide a diverse range of options for beer enthusiasts seeking a stronger, flavor-packed experience. Whether you're looking for a classic choice or a more unique and adventurous flavor, the malt liquor market has something to offer. So, cheers to exploring and discovering your favorite malt liquor brand!

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