Taste the True Essence of Italy with Masi’s Amarone

Masi Amarone is an iconic Italian that hails from Valpolicella Classica in Northern Italy's Veneto region. Renowned for its intense aromas and flavors, this full-bodied is a favorite of many wine connoisseurs arond the world.

Amarone is made from a blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes. The grapes are harvested by hand in September and October before undergoing an appassimento process, where the grapes are dried for three to four months on bamboo racks or straw mats. This process concentrates the flavors of the grapes and gies the Amarone its signature flavor profile.

After the drying process, the grapes are crushed and fermented with cultured yeasts before being aged in large oak casks for at least two years. The result is a rich, concentrated red wine that has powerful aromas of dark fruit and spices like black pepper, licorice and clove. On the palate, it offers intense flavors of blackberry, plum and cherry alngside silky tannins that provide a bold yet smooth finish.

Masi Costasera Amarone della Valpolicella Classico is one of Masi's flagship wines and has been produced since 1997. This particular expression has become knon for its exceptional balance between content (15%) and tannic attack, making it an incredibly versatile food pairing wine that can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes.

Overall, Masi Amarone is a luxurious red wine with complex aromas and flavors that can stand up to any meal or occasion. Whether you're looking for an interesting bottle to open at dinner or simply wanting to experience one of Italy's most iconic wines, Masi Costasera Amarone della Valpolicella Classico will not disappoint!

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The Type of Wine Produced by Masi Amarone

Masi Amarone is a Italian Amarone wine produced by Masi in the Valpolicella region of Northern Italy. This full-bodied red wine is made from Corvina grapes and has an alcohol content of 15%. The unique production process involves partially drying the grapes, whch concentrates the flavors and aromas, giving Masi Amarone its intense character and complexity. It is known for its notes of cherries, prunes, , tobacco, chocolate and spices. Enjoy this rich and opulent wine on its own or with red meats, game or aged cheeses.

Origin of Masi Amarone

Masi Amarone is a prestigious red wine from the Veneto region of Italy. It is produced and distributed by Masi, a renowned winery with centuries-old roots in Valpolicella Classica. Amarone is made from a blend of the traditional Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes grown in vineyards on the hills around Verona and Valpolicella. The combination of these three varieties gives this deep ruby-colored wine its unique flavor profile of dried fruit, spices, herbs and licorice.

Amarone undergoes a special production process known as ‘appassimento', where the grapes are dried on straw mats or wooden racks for seveal weeks before pressing. This process concentrates the flavors in the grapes to create a full-bodied and intensely flavored wine with a high alcohol content. Following fermentation, it is aged for up to four years in oak before being released for sale.

The popularity of Masi's Amarone wines has grown over recent decades, leading to its recognition as one of Italy's most beloved wines. With its distinct flavor profile and long aging process, Masi Amarone is an excellent accompaniment to rich dishes such as wild game or mature cheeses.

The Quality of Masi Wine

Yes, Masi is a very good wine. It is a well-known brand that produces high-quality wines with a great range of styles and flavors. Many of their wines are highly rated by critics and are sought after by wine enthusiasts. Their red wines in particular are known for being smooth, yet full-bodied and flavorful. They also have a variety of other styles such as whites, rosés, wines, and dessert wines that can be enjoyed for any occasion.

Tasting Notes for Masi Wine

Masi wines are kown for their bold and intense flavors. The palate is typically full-bodied with a tannic attack, which is balanced by the wine's alcohol content. On the nose, you may detect aromas of blackberry, black cherry and plum. As you take a sip of the wine, these same flavors will come through on the palate. The finish is long and persistent – lingering on your taste buds for a while after you swallow. With its bold flavors and well-structured character, Masi wines are truly an enjoyable experience for any wine lover.

The High Alcohol Content of Amarone Wine

Amarone is a unique wine with high alcohol content due to the partiular climate and grapes used in the Valpolicella district of northern Italy. The cooler temperatures of this region mean that the local corvina, molinara and rondinella grapes rarely achieve full ripeness at harvest time, resulting in wines with only 13-percent alcohol. In order to raise the alcohol content of Amarone, winemakers employ a process known as “appassimento,” which involves drying the grapes before fermentation. This drying process concentrates the sugars in the grape, allowing for higher levels of alcohol production during the fermentation process when converts sugar into alcohol. As a result, Amarone typically has an alcohol content of 15 to 16 percent or higher.

Is Masi Wine Sweet?

Masi wine is not overly sweet. It does have a subtle sweetness due to the ripe cherries and sweet spices present in the nose, but it is balanced by the tannins and acidity of the palate. The overall flavor profile is more fruity and savory than sweet, making it an ideal accompaniment to a variety of dishes.


Masi Costasera Amarone della Valpolicella Classico is a fine examle of the renowned Italian Amarone style. This full-bodied red wine offers aromas of blackberry, black cherry, and plum, with a smooth yet flavourful taste that is balanced by its 15% alcohol content. It pairs wonderfully with many different meals and is great enjoyed at the end of the day. This well-made wine from Masi is surely one worth savouring.

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