Savor the Sweetness: An Alluring Look at Barbera d’Asti 2018

Barbera d'Asti 2018 is a delicious, full-bodied Italian made from the Barbera grape. Grown in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, this DOCG-level offers an intense, near-black color and a unique flavor profile that make it stand out amng other Italian wines. With its bright acidic notes, Barbera d'Asti 2018 is an excellent choice for any occasion.

On the nose, Barbera d'Asti 2018 displays aromas of ripe cherries and wild strawberries, with hints of dried herbs and spice. On the palate, it has a juicy texture with smooth tannins and fresh acidity. Notes of tart cherry and raspberry are balanced by sweet spice and earthy undertones. The finish is long and lingering with a pleasant hint of oak.

This is an incredibly versatile wine that pairs well with many different dishes. Try serving it with grilled meats or vegetables for a delicious meal experience. It also goes great with pasta dishes like lasagna or spaghetti bolognese as well as hard cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano or aged Gouda. For dessert, pair Barbera d'Asti 2018 with strawberry tart or dark chocolate gelato for an unforgettable treat!

Barbera d'Asti 2018 is one of the most beloved red wines in Italy due to its unique flavor profile and exceptional drinkability. If you're looking for an easy-drinking Italian red that won't break the bank, this is definitely one to try!

Tasting Notes for Barbera D'Asti

Barbera d'Asti has a light-bodied but intense taste that is full of ripe fruit flavors. On the nose, one can detect aromas of strawberry, raspberry, and sour cherries. On the palate, there are notes of ripe cherries and plums with hints of leather, tobacco, and spice. The finish is long and lingering with a pleasant tannic structure that ensures its longevity. This unique combination gives Barbera d'Asti its characteristic complexity and makes it an excellent choice for occasions were food plays a major role in the overall experience.

Differences Between Barbera and Barbera D'Asti

Barbera is a popular red grape variety grown in the Piedmont region of Italy. It produces medium-bodied wines with bright acidity and ripe, juicy fruit flavors. Barbera d'Asti is a specific style of Barbera that is produced in the Asti province of Piedmont. It is characterized by its intense aromas of blackberry, plum and cherry, alog with earthy notes of leather, tobacco and spice. It has a lively acidity and a firm tannic structure that gives it an age-worthy potential. Barbera d'Alba is another specific style from the Alba province in Piedmont and it usually has a darker color, fuller body, and more intense and tangy fruit flavors than Barbera d'Asti.

The Grape Variety of Barbera D'Asti

Barbera d'Asti is a DOCG wine made from primarily the Barbera grape, with up to 10% of other authorized varieties such as Freisa, Grignolino, or Dolcetto included in the blend. The Barbera grape is known for its intense color, flavors of tart cherry and blackberry combined with some earthy notes and a slightly tannic finish. This DOCG wine has an aging potential of up to five years if stored properly. It pairs well with many foods, including roasted meats and vegetables, pasta dishes, and aged cheese.

The Quality of Barbera Wine

Yes, Barbera is a good wine! It has great colour, high acidity and soft tannins that make it a pleasant and easy-drinking experience. Its juicy and light-bodied character makes it highly drinkable and often compared to the French Beaujolais – making it an ideal choice for any occasion. Barbera is also extremely popular, beig the third-most planted grape varietal in Italy, so it's sure to please any group of wine enthusiasts.

The Sweetness of Barbera Wine

Barbera is a dry wine. It has low levels of natural sugars and high levels of acidity, making it one of the driest wines available. Its flavors are primarily red-fruited, such as sour cherry, strawberry, and raspberry, and it typically has medium to full body with low tannins.

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Pairing Barbera D'Asti Wine with Food

Barbera d'Asti is a full-bodied red wine that pairs best with earthy, savory flavors. Rich dark meats like grilled steak or braised beef short ribs are excellent choices to enjoy with Barbera d'Asti. To add complexity, try pairing the wine with mushrooms, herbs and other aromatic vegetables like roasted root vegetables or braised greens. For a truly decadent pairing, opt for a mild blue cheese or other herbaceous cheeses to bring out the complex tasting notes of the Barbera d'Asti.

The Body of Barbera D'Asti

Yes, Barbera d'Asti is generally full-bodied and structured. The soil in which the grapes are grown plays a significant role in determining the characteristics of this particular type of wine. Typically, Barbera d'Asti wines produced from white marl soils are particulrly full-bodied and structured, offering a depth of color and longevity that is not found in other varieties. This characteristic is further enhanced when the Barbera d'Asti grapes are aged in oak , resulting in a wine that offers rich aromas and flavors.

The Taste of Barbera Wine

Barbera is a light-bodied red wine with a unique flavor profile. It has notes of strawberry and sour cherry, along with herbaceous elements from its Italian origins. The wine has high acidity and light tannins, giving it a juicy taste. Barbera is ofen described as having an intense flavor, but without being overly heavy or overpowering. It can be enjoyed on its own or paired with light dishes like fish and vegetables.

Comparing Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon

Yes, Barbera is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon in many ways. Both wines are full-bodied reds with a high content, generally ranging between 13 and 15%. They also have a dryness level that is similar, providing a balanced, smooth taste. However, the flavor profiles of the two wines differ slightly as Barbera typically has more pronounced fruit flavors than Cabernet Sauvignon. This difference largely depends on where the grapes are grown and what type of climate they are exposed to. Ultimately, both wines offer complex flavor profiles that make them enjoyable for a variety of palates.

What is the Meaning of ‘D Asti' in Wine?

D'Asti is a designation for a particular type of Italian wine made from the Muscat Blanc grape, produced in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. This popular style of sparkling wine is known for its sweet, light and floral character and low alcohol content (typically around 5-7% ABV). The Moscato d'Asti DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) is the highest quality designation gien to wines from this region. The production methods are strictly enforced by Italian law and require that the grapes must be harvested by hand, that the wine must not exceed 5.5% alcohol by volume, and that a minimum of 15 days fermentation is needed before bottling. The resulting wines are naturally sweet with hints of peach and other stone fruits, making them an ideal accompaniment to desserts or as an aperitif.

Difference Between Asti and D Asti

The main difference between Asti and Asti Spumante is the type of grapes used, the level of sweetness, the level of carbonation, and the alcohol content. Asti is made from Moscato Bianco grapes and offers a semi-sweet taste with gentle carbonation and an alcohol content of around 5-6 percent. Asti Spumante is made from Moscato Bianco grapes as well, but it has a slightly drier taste with full carbonation and an alcohol content closer to 9 percent. Both wines are from the same region in Italy – Piedmont – but they differ in ther production methods and flavor profiles.


The 2018 Barbera d'Asti is an excellent choice for any occasion. This light-bodied and fruity wine has an intense, near-black color that comes from the Barbera grape. It has notes of strawberry, raspberry and sour cherry that give it a delightful taste. Its high acidity and soft tannins make it easy to drink, yet complex enough to enjoy. With its DOCG classification, this great-value wine is sure to plase all types of palates. Whether you enjoy it by itself or with your favorite meal, the 2018 Barbera d'Asti will bring out the best in your evening.

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