Savor the Sweetness of McKenzie’s Black Cherry Cider!

When it comes to finding a unique and delicious , McKenzie's Hard Cider Black Cherry is an excellent option! This varietal is full-bodied and rich amber in color with a refreshingly sweet cherry finish. It's made in West Seneca, New York (near Buffalo), and is the perfect drink to enjoy with friends or family.

McKenzie's Hard Cider was created in 2011 by Mayer Brothers, a cider mill in Upstate New York with over 160 years of production expertise. The black cherry cider uses a blend of Montmorency and Bing cherries to balance the tart acidity of Adams County apples, resulting in a luscious stone fruit character. With an ABV of 6%, it's a great choice for those looking for smething lighter than but still flavorful enough to enjoy on its own.

This cider pairs well with many dishes – from grilled meat to roasted vegetables, it can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to any meal. And if you're looking for something sweet to finish off your meal, this black cherry cider is also perfect for sipping while enjoying desserts like cheesecake or chocolate mousse.

McKenzie's Hard Cider Black Cherry is available year round, so you can enjoy it during any season! Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or just looking for something new to try, this hard cider is sure to impress your taste buds. So grab yourself some McKenzie's Hard Cider Black Cherry today and get ready to experience the unique flavor that only this local craft can offer!

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Where is McKenzie's Cider Produced?

McKenzie's Hard Cider is crafted in the small town of West Seneca, New York, just a short drive away from the bustling city of Buffalo. The cider is made with the freshest apples sourced from local orchards, and then fermented and blended to perfection in their state-of-the-art facility. By using traditional methods of production combined with equipment, McKenzie's Hard Cider maintains a high standard of quality for each batch produced. Whether you're looking for an easy-drinking cider or something more robust, you can trust that each bottle of McKenzie's has been made with care and attention to detail.

The Benefits of Drinking Black Cherry Cider

Black Cherry Cider is a deliciously sweet, tart and refreshing cider crafted from a blend of Montmorency and Bing cherries that perfectly balance the tart acidity of Adams County apples. The combination of the two creates a unique flavor profile that is both fruity and aromatic, with a medium-bodied finish. The 6% ABV provides an easy-drinking experience that is perfect for any occasion. Black Cherry Cider can be enjoyed year-round and is sure to please any cider lover.

McKenzie's Hard Cider Manufacturer

McKenzie's Hard Cider is made by a team of cider experts in Upstate New York, in partnership with the illustrious Mayer Brothers cider mill. With more than 160 years of cider making experience, Mayer Brothers provides the traditional expertise and knowledge which makes McKenzie's Hard Cider so unique. The McKenzie's team adds their own innovative twist to every product they make, creating a truly special hard cider that is sure to delight.

The Sugar Content of Hard Cider

Yes, hard cider can contain a high amount of sugar depending on the brand. For instance, Crispin Rose has 10 grams (2 teaspoons) of sugar per serving whereas Angry Orchard Crisp Apple has 20 grams (5 teaspoons) per serving. As with any alcoholic , it is important to check the nutrition label for exact sugar content before consuming. It is also recommended to practice moderation when partaking in alcoholic beverages.


McKenzie's Hard Cider Black Cherry is an exceptional local craft cider, made in West Seneca NY near Buffalo. It features a blend of Montmorency & Bing cherries, balanced by the tart acidity of Adams County apples. This full-bodied, rich amber cider offers a refreshingly sweet cherry finish and has an ABV of 6.0%. Available year-round, this unique craft cider is the perfect accompaniment to any occasion. From its roots in Upstate New York with over 160 years of cider production expertise, McKenzie's Hard Cider Black Cherry is sure to be enjoyed for many more years to come!

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