Modern Times Sold to Maui Brewing

Times, the well-known San Diego-based and brewer, has recently found itself in financial distress. The company was facing significant challenges and ultimately ended up in a court-ordered receivership sale. This process allows a new owner to step in and purchase the company to help resolve its financial woes. In the case of Modern Times, Maui Company emerged as the successful bidder, acquiring the company for a substantial sum of $15.3 million.

Maui Brewing Company's acquisition of Modern Times is a significant move for both companies. Initially, Maui Brewing made a bid of $7.62 million for the struggling brewer, but ultimately ended up paying double that amount to secure the deal. This indicates the potential value that Maui Brewing sees in Modern Times and its brand.

The acquisition of Modern Times by Maui Brewing is not only a financial lifeline for the struggling company but also an opportunity for growth and expansion. Modern Times is known for its innovative and high-quality craft beers, as well as its unique coffee offerings. By joining forces with Maui Brewing, Modern Times can tap into Maui Brewing's resources and distribution channels, allowing its products to reach a wider audience.

For Modern Times, the acquisition by Maui Brewing could be the saving grace it needs to overcome its financial challenges. With the backing of a larger and more established company, Modern Times can focus on revitalizing its brand and expanding its product offerings. Additionally, the acquisition provides job security for Modern Times' employees, who can now continue to work for the company under new ownership.

Maui Brewing, on the other hand, stands to benefit from the acquisition by adding a well-respected and popular brand like Modern Times to its portfolio. This move allows Maui Brewing to diversify its product offerings and appeal to a wider range of beer and coffee enthusiasts. The acquisition also strengthens Maui Brewing's position in the competitive market, potentially leading to increased market share and profitability.

The acquisition of Modern Times by Maui Brewing is a significant development in the craft beer industry. It not only provides a lifeline for a struggling company but also opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion. Only time will tell how this acquisition will play out, but it certainly holds promise for both Modern Times and Maui Brewing.

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How Much Did Modern Times Sold For?

Modern Times was sold by Maui Brewing for a significant amount of $15.3 million. This acquisition surpassed their initial bid of $7.62 million, effectively doubling the amount offered. The sale of Modern Times to Maui Brewing showcases the value and potential that the former held in the eyes of the acquiring company.

Who Bought Modern Times?

Maui Brewing Company, a well-known brewery based in Maui, Hawaii, acquired Modern Times Beer (Modern Times Drinks, Inc.) in a deal worth $15.3 million. Modern Times Beer, a San Diego-based company, was bought out of receivership by Maui Brewing Company. This acquisition signifies Maui Brewing Company's expansion and entry into the Southern California market.

Key points:
– Maui Brewing Company, a brewery based in Maui, Hawaii, acquired Modern Times Beer.
– The deal was worth $15.3 million.
– Modern Times Beer is a San Diego-based company.
– The acquisition allows Maui Brewing Company to expand into the Southern California market.

What Happened To Modern Times Beer?

Modern Times Beer, a craft brewery known for its innovative and unique beer offerings, faced financial challenges that ultimately led to a court-ordered receivership sale. This sale was initiated to address the company's financial difficulties and find a solution for its future.

In a receivership sale, a court-appointed receiver takes control of the company's assets and operations to ensure its debts are settled and the business can continue. In the case of Modern Times Beer, a new owner emerged during this process to acquire the company and steer it towards a new direction.

The new owner of Modern Times Beer is Maui Beer Co., another craft brewery with its own portfolio of beers. Maui Beer Co. saw an opportunity in acquiring Modern Times and believed that they could bring their expertise and resources to help revitalize the brand.

This acquisition means that Modern Times Beer now operates under the ownership of Maui Beer Co. The specifics of the deal, such as the financial terms and any changes in management or operations, may vary and would depend on the agreement between the two parties involved.

The court-ordered receivership sale led to the acquisition of Modern Times Beer by Maui Beer Co., providing a new opportunity for the brewery to overcome its financial challenges and continue its brewing legacy.


Modern Times Beer's recent sale to Maui Brewing Company for $15.3 million marks a significant development in the San Diego-based company's financial struggles. After facing mounting debts and being forced into a court-ordered receivership, Modern Times sought a buyer to help alleviate their financial challenges. Maui Brewing Company emerged as the successful bidder, acquiring the brewery and coffee business for twice the amount of their initial bid. This acquisition not only provides Modern Times with a new owner and financial stability, but it also opens up possibilities for growth and expansion under the guidance of Maui Brewing. The sale highlights the challenges faced by smaller breweries in a competitive market and emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships and financial support in ensuring their continued success.

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