The Noble Flavors of Tennessee Whiskey: A Taste of Authenticity

is a unique style of whiskey that has a rich history and has been crafted in the state of Tennessee for generations. The distinct flavor profile is created by using the highest quality ingredients, including corn, and utilizing the Lincoln County Process to mellow the whiskey with charcoal. This process gives it a smooth taste and distinctive character that sets it aprt from other styles of whiskey.

Mike Rowe's Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is crafted using local farmers' finest ingredients and distilled to perfection. It is then charcoal-filtered using the Lincoln County Process, which gives it its unique flavor profile. After distillation, it is aged for approximately five years in hand-toasted, new American oak . The result is an exceptionally smooth whiskey that embodies the spirit of the everyman who inspired it.

Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is available in four different packages, allowing customers to choose thir perfect bottle. “Just the ” is a single bottle of Knobel Tennessee Whiskey at $64.95 a bottle while “Just The Barrel” allows customers to purchase an entire barrel of whiskey at $1,499.95 per barrel – perfect for those special occasions! There are also two larger packages – “The Bunch” which comes with three bottles of Knobel Tennessee Whiskey priced at $179.95 or “The Crowd Pleaser” which comes with six bottles priced at $349.95 – perfect for sharing among friends and family!

Crafted with love and care in Tennessee, Mike Rowe's Knobel Tennessee Whiskey offers an exceptional drinking experience that will bring all kinds of joy to your palate! Whether you're sipping on your own or sharing with friends and family, you can be sure you'll be getting top-notch quality straight from Mike Rowe himself!

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Is Tennessee Whiskey a Legitimate Whiskey?

Yes, Tennessee whiskey is a real whiskey. To be classified as such, it must meet the strict requirements of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail Regulation and be produced in the state of Tennessee. It is made using a mash bill of at least 51% corn and then filtered through ten feet of sugar-maple charcoal, which is known as the Lincoln County Process. This unique step gives it a distinct flavor profile and is what sets it apat from other types of whiskey. In addition to its unique taste, Tennessee whiskey also has an undeniable heritage that has been passed down through generations.

Costco's Tennessee Whiskey Brand

Costco Tennessee whiskey is Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey, made by the Tennessee Distilling Company and overseen by Master Distiller Mike Williams. This whiskey is crafted using traditional methods and is aged in new American oak barrels before being bottled. Each bottle is signed by Mike Williams himself as a sign of quality and authenticity.

Drinking Tennessee Whiskey Straight: Is it Possible?

Yes, Tennessee whiskey is often enjoyed straight. It has a mellow character due to its charcoal filtering process before aging, giving it a hint of charcoal that combines with the toasted oak caramel and vanilla flavors. People who enjoy strong whiskey may choose to drink Tennessee whiskey neat or on the rocks, while thse who prefer the taste of smoother may add a splash of or ice. No matter how you choose to drink it, Tennessee whiskey can be an enjoyable experience.

Is Tennessee Whiskey Superior to Bourbon?

The answer to this question largely depends on personal preference. Both Tennessee whiskey and straight are American whiskeys made from corn, , barley, and other grains. The main difference between the two is the additional step of filtration through sugar maple charcoal known as the Lincoln County Process that only Tennessee whiskey must undergo. This extra filtration can remove some of the heavier compounds from the new make, resulting in a smoother, mellower product when it is aged. Ultimately, both types of whiskey offer their own unique flavor profiles and it is up to each individual to decide whch they prefer.

The Notable Tennessee Whiskey: Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 is undoubtedly the most famous Tennessee whiskey in the world. Produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee, this whiskey is made from a proprietary mash bill of 80% corn, 12% rye and 8% malted barley. It's aged for four to five years in oak barrels that have been charred on the inside. The whiskey has a distinct flavor and aroma, with notes of vanilla and caramel from the oak, as well as hints of smokiness and spice from the rye and . Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 is a full-bodied whiskey that boasts a smooth finish with no harshness or bitterness. With its iconic square bottle and bold black label, it's easy to see why this Tennessee whiskey has become so popular aroud the world.


Mike Rowe's Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is a great example of the classic American spirit. It is made with the finest ingredients from local farmers in the state of Tennessee, and it goes thrugh the Lincoln County Process to create a unique flavor profile that is smooth and mellow. The whiskey is then aged for five years in hand-toasted, new American oak barrels to further enhance its flavor. Whether you're looking for a special gift or just want to enjoy a smooth whiskey, Mike Rowe's Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is the perfect choice.

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