A Sweet Vanilla Notes in Noble Oak Bourbon Whiskey

If you're in the market for a smooth and satisfying , look no further than Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey. The Noble Oak Whiskey Company is a collaboration between Edrington of Scotland and The Noble Oak Distillery located in Newtown, Ohio. The whiskey is created with the utmost attention to detail, resulting in an exceptionally smooth flavor that will please anyone who enjoys the complexity of a good bourbon.

The process of making this whiskey begins with traditional resting in charred new American White Oak for a minimum of one year. This creates the signature sweet vanilla notes and deep caramel tones that make this whiskey so delicious. When you take a sip, you'll notice these flavors immediatly and then experience a slight touch of bitterness before finishing with a hint of black pepper spice.

When it comes to ratings, Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey is highly rated with an average score of 7.4/10 from 1052 votes. It's no wonder why this whiskey has become so popular as it offers an exceptional flavor profile for all bourbon lovers out there.

Whether you're loking for something special to add to your home bar or just want to try something new and unique, Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey is sure to hit the spot! With its traditional aging process and smooth flavor profile, this bourbon whiskey won't disappoint!

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The Benefits of Noble Oak Whiskey

Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey is a great whiskey, with an average rating of 7.4 out of 10. It has a smooth and mellow taste with hints of oak, caramel, and vanilla, making it qute enjoyable to sip neat or on the rocks. The drink also has a slightly sweet finish that lingers on the tongue for some time. Those looking for an easy-drinking whiskey with classic bourbon notes should definitely try Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey.

The Maker of Noble Oak Bourbon

The Noble Oak Whiskey Company is a collaboration between the award-winning Edrington of Scotland, and our own team of distillers in Newtown, Ohio. Noble Oak is crafted from a blend of premium Kentucky Bourbons and then finished and bottled here at our distillery. The unique combination of these two extraordinary brands makes Noble Oak an incredibly special bourbon, one that is sure to delight even the most discerning whiskey connoisseur.

The Age of Noble Oak Bourbon

Noble Oak Bourbon is aged for a minimum of one year in charred new American White Oak barrels, allowing the whiskey to develop its signature sweet vanilla notes and deep caramel tone. During this aging period, the whiskey is carefully monitored to ensure that it meets the high standards of Noble Oak. The exact length of aging may vary depending on the particular batch, but typically ranges from one to four years.

The Taste of Noble Oak

Noble Oak has a smooth, mellow taste that is dominated by classic bourbon notes of caramel and vanilla. The flavors are subtle yet present, and the whiskey has a hint of bitterness that is balanced out by a light spiciness from the black pepper. Overall, it's an enjoyable and easy-drinking bourbon that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Does Bourbon Have an Expiration Date?

No, bourbon does not expire. As long as the bottle is unopened and stored properly, it can last for decades without losing its flavor or going bad. Once opened, however, bourbon should be consumed within 1 to 2 years to ensure the best flavor. Be sure to keep the bottle tightly sealed and store it in a cool place out of direct sunlight. If you notice any changes in taste or smell once opened, it's best to discard the bourbon rather than consume it.

Is Noble Oak a Member of the Master of the Grand Priory?

Yes, Noble Oak is sourced from MGP (Midwest Grain Products), which is a leading distiller and supplier of premium whiskeys. The whiskey is then finished with the addition of staves of fomer barrels through a process called Compression Finishing, giving it a unique flavor profile. This creates an entirely new bourbon experience unlike any other.

The Taste of Over Oaked Bourbon

Over oaked bourbon can have a hot and spicy taste, with prominent tannic, leathery and earthy notes. It can also have a chewy texture that can be intense and drying on the palate. The high levels of oak influence on the whiskey create a robust flavor that is often described as musty or woody.

Evidence of the Existence of Noble Oak

Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon is a 90 proof (45% ABV) bourbon. This means it is 45% by volume and the rest of the liquid is made up of and other elements, diluting the alcohol content. The proof of an alcoholic can be determined by simply dividing the ABV in half. In this case, 45% divided by 2 equals 90 proof.


In conclusion, Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey is a great choice for those looking for a smooth and traditional bourbon. Its one year rest in charred new American white oak barrels gives it sweet vanilla notes and a deep caramel tone, along with a touch of bitterness and pepper spice. On average, it receives an impressive rating of 7.4 out of 10 and is definitely worth trying if you're looking for an enjoyable yet classic whiskey.

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