The Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur at a Discount!

Are you looing for an exotic, bubbly drink that won't break the bank? Look no further than Nuvo , the perfect combination of affordability and luxury!

Nuvo is a fortified marketed as a sparkling liqueur, made in Paris, France and imported by the London Group. It comes in 750ml bottles with an eye-catching pink hue, making it perfect for any special occasion. The best part is that each bottle has an affordable price tag of just $21.89 – and if you buy a case of 12 bottles, you'll even get a 15% discount!

Nuvo is not only affordable but also incredibly tasty. Its delicate blend of , Chardonnay wine, passionfruit and other natural flavors will tantalize your taste buds without breaking your budget. And with 15% by volume, it's sure to give you just the right amount of buzz.

The Nuvo experience doesn't end when you finish your bottle – their products come with a warranty so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Production of Nuvo products is expected to end at the end of 2021 or as final components become available for manufacturing; however, until then you'll be able to purchase these delightful drinks at clearance pricing.

So if you're looking for a delicious sparkling liqueur with guaranteed quality at an unbeatable price, look no further than Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur!

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Is Nuvo Still in Production?

At this time, Nuvo is still producing products, however production is expected to end at the end of 2021 or as final components become available for manufacturing. The company is currently offering clearance prices on existing inventory as well as extended warranties for any products purchased at those discounted rates.

Is Nuvo a Wine or Liquor?

Nuvo L'esprit De Paris is a fortified wine that has been classified as a sparkling liqueur. It is produced in Paris, France and imported by the London Group. Nuvo is made with grapes and contains alcohol, making it an alcoholic . While it shares some characteristics with both wine and liquor, it is not strictly either one. It differs from regular wines in that it has a higher alcohol content due to the addition of during the production process. It also differs from liquor in that its flavor profile includes fruity elements which are often associated with wine.

Does Nuvo Have a Pleasant Taste?

Nuvo has a delightfully sweet and fruit-forward taste that is sure to please. The flavor profile includes notes of strawberry, passionfruit, raspberry, and Grappa over a slightly dry Wine note. The finish is sweet and brisk, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a refreshing cocktail blend. Overall, Nuvo is a delicious tasting spirit with a well-balanced flavor profile that will satisfy any palate


In conclusion, Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur is a great value for its price. It is made in Paris and imported by the London Group, making it a unique product with a distinct flavor. The bottle comes at around $29.99, while the case of 12 bottles is available for $359.88, which is a 15% discount from the original price. The warranty for Nuvo products purchased at clearance pricing will also remain valid until the end of 2021 or when all components become unavailable for production.

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