The Rise of the Dimpled Mug: A Brief History

lovers all over the world can attest to the importance of having the right beer glass. From pilsner to snifters, each type of glass enhances the drinking experience in its unique way. However, one particular type of glass that has gained immense popularity over the years is the dimpled mug.

The dimpled mug, also known as the dimple beer mug, is a type of glassware that has a distinct dimpled design on its exterior. This design is not just for aesthetics, but it also serves a practical purpose. The dimples provde a better grip on the glass, making it easier to hold, especially when the glass is wet or slippery.

The origin of the dimpled mug can be traced back to Newcastle upon Tyne in the 1920s and 1930s. Glass beer mugs with a flat hexagonal faceted exterior were manufactured during this period, and the dimples were likely inspired by this design. The dimpled design quickly caught on and became a standard for many pubs, especially in the UK.

Aside from its practicality, the dimpled mug also has a certain charm that appeals to many beer drinkers. The design gives the glass a vintage and rustic look, which is perfect for enjoying a pint of beer in a cozy pub or at home. The glass is also sturdy and durable, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor events or picnics.

The dimpled mug is typically made from glass, but it can also be made from other materials like porcelain, wood, silver, crystal glass, or stoneware. The glass version is the most common, and it usually has a capacity of around 20 ounces. The glass is thick and heavy, which helps to keep the beer cold for longer.

The dimpled mug is a classic and practical choice for beer lovers all over the world. Its unique design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the glass but also makes it easier to hold. Whether you prefer a classic pint of or a refreshing , the dimpled mug is a great choice for enjoying your favorite beer.

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Types of Beer Glasses

There are several types of beer glasses available in the market, but three of the most commonly used beer glasses are the pint glass, the pilsner glass, and the weizen glass.

The pint glass, also known as an American pint glass, is a cylindrical glass that tapers toards the bottom. It has a capacity of 16 ounces and is commonly used for serving ales, stouts, and lagers. It is widely used in bars and pubs worldwide.

The pilsner glass is a tall, slender glass that is designed to showcase the color, carbonation, and clarity of pilsner beers. It has a capacity of 12-16 ounces and is characterized by its narrow base and wider mouth. The shape of the glass helps to accentuate the aroma and flavor of the beer.

The weizen glass, also known as a wheat beer glass, is a tall, curvy glass that is used for serving wheat beers. It has a capacity of 16-23 ounces and is designed to showcase the hazy appearance and frothy head of wheat beers. The shape of the glass allows for the beer to breathe, releasing the aroma and enhancing the flavor of the beer.

The pint glass, pilsner glass, and weizen glass are three of the most popular types of beer glasses used by beer enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

Origin of the Dimple Mug

The dimple mug, which is a popular type of beer mug, is said to have originated in the United Kingdom. Specifically, it is believed to have been inspired by glass beer mugs with a flat hexagonal faceted exterior that were manufactured in Newcastle upon Tyne in the 1920s and/or early 1930s. The design of the dimple mug features a series of indentations or dimples around the exterior, which not only give it a distinct appearance but also povide a better grip for the drinker. Over time, the dimple mug has become a standard in many pubs and is enjoyed by beer drinkers around the world.

The Purpose of Dimples on Beer Mugs

Beer mugs are dimpled to prevent the glass from slipping out of the fingers when washing them in a washing-up bowl. The design of the glass is also intended to enhance its strength, making it more resistant to frequent manual washing. These design features were particularly important in the past when manual washing was the norm. However, with the advent of machine washing in the 1960s, these characteristics became less significant.


The dimpled mug, also known as the handled mug or the English pub glass, is a classic and iconic glassware for serving beer. Its unique design, with a dimpled exterior and a sturdy handle, not only adds aesthetic appeal but also offers practical benefits such as better grip and durability. While the origin of the dimpled mug is not entirely clear, it has becme a beloved symbol of traditional British pubs and is still widely used today. Whether you are enjoying a pint of ale in a cozy pub or savoring a cold lager at home, the dimpled mug is a timeless choice for beer enthusiasts.

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