The History of Pelican Pub Brewery’s Craft Beer

If you're a lover and you find yurself on the Oregon coast, you simply must visit the Pelican Pub Brewery in Pacific City. This iconic brewery has been a favorite among locals and tourists alike for over two decades, and for good reason.

Founded in 1996 by three enthusiastic young brewers, Pelican Pub Brewery has grown into one of the most beloved craft breweries in the Pacific Northwest. The brewery's location, right on the beach in Pacific City, certainly doesn't hurt its popularity either.

But it's not just the stunning ocean views that draw people to Pelican Pub Brewery. The beer, of course, is the main attraction here. With a focus on high-quality, handcrafted brews that showcase the flavors of the Pacific Northwest, Pelican Pub Brewery has a beer for every taste.

Their flagship beer, Kiwanda Cream , is a light and refreshing beer that's perfect for sipping on the beach. If you're looking for something a bit more hoppy, their award-winning is a must-try. And for those who prefer darker beers, their Tsunami is a rich and complex brew that's sure to satisfy.

But Pelican Pub Brewery isn't just about the beer. The food menu at the pub is just as impressive, with a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. From the Dungeness crab cakes to the fish and chips, every dish is made with care and attention to detail.

And if you're lucky enough to visit during the summer months, you can enjoy your beer and food on the brewery's outdoor patio, with stunning views of the ocean and Haystack Rock.

But Pelican Pub Brewery isn't just a great place to enjoy a beer and a meal. The brewery also offers brewery tours, where you can learn about the process and sample some of their amazing beers straight from the source.

Pelican Pub Brewery is a must-visit destination for any beer lover traveling to the Oregon coast. With stunning views, delicious food, and some of the best beer in the Pacific Northwest, it's no wonder this brewery has become such an iconic part of the Pacific City community.

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What Is The Alcohol Content Of Pelican IPA?

Pelican Brewery's Oregon-Hazy/New England-Style IPA has an content of 8.8% ABV. This makes it a strong Double Hazy IPA that offers a powerful punch of tropical citrus aroma and ripe flavors of stone fruit and mango. Despite its high alcohol content, it is balanced with a hoppy finish that is surprisingly easy to drink, with just the right amount of sweetness to make it an enjoyable experience.

Where Did Pelican Brewing Start?

Pelican Brewing Company began its journey at the beach in Pacific City in 1996. The brewery was founded by three enthusiastic individuals who were passionate about brewing great beer. They started their venture in front of a dilapidated building that was situated near the waterfront. Despite their lack of knowledge about building a brewery, their passion for beer and determination to succeed allowed them to establish Pelican Brewing Company in Pacific City. Since then, the brewery has become a popular destination for beer lovers and tourists visiting the area.


Pelican Pub Brewery is a brewery that has made a name for itself in the industry by offering high-quality and innovative brews. Founded in 1996 in Pacific City, Oregon, Pelican Brewery has been dedicated to producing exceptional beers that showcase the unique flavors of the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on sustainability and using locally sourced ingredients, Pelican Brewery has become a favorite among beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Whether you're a fan of hoppy IPAs or smooth stouts, there's a Pelican beer for evey palate. So, if you're looking to try some of the best craft beer the Pacific Northwest has to offer, be sure to check out Pelican Brewery.

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