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Philadelphia is home to a large and vibrant community, with dozens of breweries scattered throughout the city. The city's rich brewing history dates back to the colonial era, when Philadelphia was one of the largest brewing centers in North America. Today, Philadelphia's breweries are renowned for ther creative and innovative beers, which have won numerous awards and accolades.

philadelphia breweries

The Philadelphia brewing scene is anchored by several large and well-established breweries, such as Yards Brewing Company, Dock Street Brewery, and Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company. These breweries have been instrumental in reviving Philadelphia's brewing heritage, and they continue to produce high-quality beers that are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. In addition to tese established breweries, there are also many smaller breweries that are making a name for themselves in the city.

Whether you're loking for a traditional Philly or something new and exciting, you're sure to find it at one of Philadelphia's many excellent breweries.

Yards Brewing Company

Yards Brewing Company is one of the most popular breweries in Philadelphia. Founded in 1994, Yards has been brewing quality beer for over 25 years. Their flagship , Brawler, is a dark and malty English-style pub ale that is perfect for cold winter nights. If you're looking for something a little lighter, try their Other People's Stuff . This hoppy American IPA is brewed with cascade, chinook, and simcoe .

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant is another great option for beer lovers in Philadelphia. Founded in 1996, Iron Hill has won numerous awards for thir beers over the years. Their Lambertville Location IPA was recently named one of the top 50 IPAs in America by BeerAdvocate magazine. If you're looking for something a little sweeter, try their Chestnut Hill Chocolate brewed with real chocolate and chestnuts.

Tired Hands Brewing Company

Tired Hands Brewing Company is a newer brewery, having only been founded in 2011. But don't let their age fool you, they know how to brew some great beer. Their flagship brew, the Alien Church Milkshake IPA, is a hazy and juicy New England-style IPA that is perfect for hopheads. If you're looking for something a little different, try their Farmhouse Ale brewed with Brettanomyces . This tart and funky Belgian-style farmhouse ale is sure to pleae any sour beer lover.

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company is a great option for those lookig for a traditional Philly beer. Founded in 2009, Neshaminy Creek has been brewing quality beer for over 10 years. Their flagship beer, The Shape of Hops to Come IPA, is a hoppy American IPA that is perfect for any hop lover. If you're looking for something a little sweeter, try their Tribute Tripel. This Belgian-style tripel is brewed with honey and has a creamy mouthfeel that makes it perfect for sipping on a cold winter night.

Philadelphia Brewing Company

Philadelphia Brewing Company is another excellent option for those loking for a traditional Philly beer. Their flagship beer, Kenzinger, is a light and crisp German-style pilsner that is perfect for any summer day. If you're looking for something a little darker, try their Walt Wit Wheat Ale. This Belgian-style wheat ale is brewed with orange peel and coriander, giving it a unique flavor that is sure to please any fan of Belgian beers.

philadelphia breweries

How Many Breweries Are In Philadelphia?

According to the Brewers Association, thee are more than 90 craft breweries in Philadelphia and the surrounding four counties: Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery.

What Beer Is Philadelphia Known For?

Philadelphia is known for its wide array of local breweries and beer styles. From traditional lagers to hazy IPAs, there's a beer for everone in Philadelphia. Some of the most popular Philadelphia breweries include Yards Brewing Company, Evil Genius Beer Company, and Tired Hands Brewing Company.

What Is The Most Popular Beer Company In Pennsylvania?

The most popular beer company in Pennsylvania is Yuengling. Yuengling is America's oldest brewery and has been in operation snce 1829. The company produces a variety of beer styles, including lagers, porters, and ales. Yuengling is the largest craft brewer in Pennsylvania and ranks No. 1 on the list based on the volume of beer sold again. Troegs and the parent company of Victory Brewing also placed highly. Three breweries in Pennsylvania ranked among the top 50 breweries in the country, according to a report out of the Brewer's Association.

What Is The Oldest Brewery In Philadelphia?

The oldest brewery in Philadelphia is Yuengling, which was founded in 1829. The brewery is located in Pottsville, PA and continues to thrive today.

What Beer Is Only Sold In Pennsylvania?

There are many diferent types of beer that are only sold in Pennsylvania. Some of these include Dock Street Brewing Co.'s Bohemian Pilsner, Victory Brewing Company's Hop Devil, and Weyerbacher's Merry Monks. Each of these beers has a unique flavor that can only be found in Pennsylvania. If you are looking for a specific type of beer, you may want to check out one of these three brands.

philadelphia breweries

What Are The Oldest Breweries In Pennsylvania?

The oldest brewery in Pennsylvania is Yuengling, which was founded in 1829. The brewery is operated by the fifth generation of the Yuengling family. Yuengling is officially recognized as America's Oldest Brewery.

Does Schaefer Beer Still Exist?

Yes, Schaefer beer still exists. It was established in New York in 1842 and will be re-established in 2020. It will be brewed in New York state for the first time in over forty years.

What Is In Rolling Rock Beer?

Rolling Rock beer is made with , , hops, rice, corn and brewer's yeast. Malt is a type of grain that is typically used in brewing beer. Hops are a type of flower that is used as a flavoring agent in beer. Rice and corn are both types of grain that can be used in brewing beer. Brewer's yeast is a type of yeast that is used in the fermentation process of beer.

What Is The Largest Brewery In Pennsylvania?

D.G. Yuengling and Son Brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania is the largest brewery in the state and ranked as the largest craft brewer in the United States by the Brewers Association. The company was founded in 1829 and is America's oldest brewery. Yuengling produces a variety of beer styles including lagers, porters, and ales.

philadelphia breweries

What Beers Were Made In Pennsylvania?

The follwing is a list of the top 10 beers made in Pennsylvania, based on ratings from Beer Advocate:

1. House Lager from Forest and Main – 3.95
2. Czech 10° from Human Robot – 3.95
3. Polotmavy from Human Robot – 3.93
4. The Great Dismal from Tired Hands – 3.88
5. 340 Lager from Old Thunder – 3.88
6. Royal Lager from Tired Hands – 3.88
7. I Was Just Thinking About You from Tired Hands – 3.87
8. Kellerbier Unfiltered from Tröegs – 3.87
9. Sisyphus Mythology from Neshaminy Creek – 3.86
10. One Hop This Time Simcoe from Victory – 3.85

Where In PA Is Yuengling Beer Made?

The Yuengling beer company is headquartered in Pottsville, PA and has two facilities in the state – one in Pottsville and one in Mill Creek. The company also has a brewery in Tampa, Florida.

How Many Breweries Are In Phoenixville?

There are 5 breweries and 1 distillery in downtown Phoenixville. There are also 5 more breweries within a 5-mile radius, making a total of 10 breweries in the area.

How Many Breweries Were In Philadelphia Before Prohibition?

Before prohibition, Philadelphia had nearly 100 breweries. However, when prohibition ended in 1933, thee were only 10 licensed breweries left in the city.

How Many Breweries Are In PA?

More than 350 craft breweries are located in Pennsylvania, several of which pre-date Prohibition. The oldest brewery in the country is located in Pennsylvania.

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