The Legendary Taste of Plantation Rum: Unlocking the ‘Rum Funk’!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Plantation ! For over 15 years, Plantation has been creating a range of artisanal rums from some of the best terroirs in the tropics. In 2012, Alexandre was awarded Master Rum Blender of the Year at the Golden Rum Barrel Awards and was named Distiller of the Year by The American Distilling Institute.

This rum is made from a variety of sources including Cuba, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. The age listed on each bottle refers to the average age of all rums used in the blend (or Solera) which includes some very old rums.

If you're new to sipping rum, Plantation Grande Reserve 5-Year-Old Barbados rum is an excellent place to start. At just $21.99 for 750mL, it's incredibly affordable and offers zesty and playful flavors with hints of banana, vanilla wafer and subdued oak.

For those looking for something a bit more unique, Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry offers an intense experience that captures the traditional “Rum Funk” flavors assocated with 19th century Jamaican-style rums. Aroma and flavor notes include black banana and flambéed pineapple – locally known as “Hogo” – which is an Anglicization of Haitian Creole “Haigü” meaning “aromatic funkiness.”

So whether you're a rum aficionado or just getting started in your journey into the world of rum, Plantation has something for everyone! With their commitment to using only high quality ingredients from around the world, this is one brand that won't disappoint!

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The Definition of Plantation Rum

Plantation Rum is a range of handcrafted rums made from the finest sugarcane molasses sourced from various tropical locations around the world. The rum is distilled and aged in oak in accordance with traditional methods, giving it a unique flavor profile that sets it apart from other rums. Plantation Rum is renowned for its quality and complexity, thans to the expertise and passion of Master Rum Blender Alexandre Gabriel who has been creating exceptional rums since 2007. The rum is characterized by notes of caramel, vanilla and spices, producing a rich and smooth taste that has earned it numerous awards including Master Rum Blender of the Year at the Golden Rum Barrel Awards and Distiller of the Year by The American Distilling Institute.

Origin of Plantation Rum

Plantation Rum is a premium rum brand that is sourced from a variety of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The rums are produced mainly in Cuba but also come from the Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. All Plantation rums are blended together to create a complex flavor profile, and each rum has its own unique characteristics. The age statements on the bottles refer to the average age of all the rums in the blend, which can include some of the oldest rums in their range. Plantation Rum is kown for its high quality, distinctive taste and smooth finish.

Is Sipping Plantation Rum a Good Idea?

Yes, Plantation Rum is a great choice for sipping. It has a zesty flavor profile with hints of banana, vanilla wafer, and oak that make it enjoyable to sip neat or on the rocks. The 5-year aged Barbados rum is especially nice, as it has a pleasant complexity that won't overwhelm beginner drinkers. The price point makes it an especially good bargain, so you can enjoy a quality sipping rum withut breaking the bank.

Is Jamaican Rum from Plantation?

Yes, Plantation Rum is Jamaican. The brand is dedicated to reviving the traditional style of Jamaican pot still rums from the 19th century. Plantation's Xaymaca Special Dry is made from 100% pot still rum and has intense aromas and flavors of black banana and flambéed pineapple, which are signature Jamaican flavors. It also has the powerful “Rum Funk”, a term used to describe the unique flavor of traditional Jamaican rum. Plantation is passionate about Jamaica's rich rum heritage and has partnered with local bars and distilleries to create an authentic experience for consumers.

What is the Alcohol Content of Plantation Rum?

Plantation Barbados Rum Aged 5 Years is bottled at 40% ABV ( by volume). This is a relatively strong rum, stronger than the typical spirit which is usually bottled between 37.5% and 40%, but not as strong as some of the higher-proof which can reach up to 50-60%. Ultimately, this means that it has a robust flavor profile and a good kick of alcohol to it.

The Taste of Plantation Rum

Plantation Rum has a distinct, complex flavor profile that is both sweet and earthy. On the nose, you can detect hints of black peppercorn, clove, cinnamon, baked cherry, prune, molasses, forest leaves and black . On the palate you will be met with an off-dry flavor of white raisins, dried pineapple and a slight dry stone taste. All thee flavors combine to create a unique and enjoyable taste experience.


In conclusion, Plantation Rum is an artisanal range of rums from the great terroirs of the tropics that has been crafted over the past 15 years. It is crafted with rums from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. Plantation Grande Reserve 5-Year-Old Barbados rum is an excellent example of a quality rum at a great price. Additionally, Xaymaca Special Dry is an intense expression of traditional Jamaican-style pot still rum that showcases the unique “Rum Funk” aromas and flavors. All in all, Plantation Rum offers quality rums for those looking for somethig special.

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