Pornstar Martini Cocktail – 10 Facts

Are you ready to make the perfect Pornstar Martini? This tantalizing cocktail is a favorite among mixologists and connoisseurs alike, and with its sweet and tangy flavor, it's no wonder why. Whether you're throwing a party or just want to try something new, this guide will show you how to make the perfect Pornstar Martini.


  • 1 cup of
  • 2 tablespoons of Passoa
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla syrup
  • from one lime
  • 4 tablespoons passion fruit purée
  • ½ cup passion fruit juice
  • Ice cubes
  • Half a fresh passion fruit (to garnish)


  1. Fill your cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
  2. Add in the vodka, Passoa liqueur, and vanilla syrup. Shake vigorously until all ingredients are combined.
  3. Strain into a martini glass.
  4. Squeeze in the juice from one lime into the glass.
  5. Pour in four tablespoons of the passion fruit purée, followed by half a cup of passion fruit juice. Stir gently until combined.
  6. Garnish with half a fresh passion fruit and serve immediately!

Tips for Making an Exceptional Pornstar Martini:

  • When selecting your ingredients, opt for quality over quantity—high quality spirits will take your cocktail to the next level!
  • For extra sweetness, add a dash of sugar syrup or agave nectar before shaking and stirring your drink together.
  • If you're feeling adventurous, try adding different fruits such as oranges or strawberries for an interesting twist on the classic recipe!
  • For added zestiness, consider using freshly squeezed lime juice instead of pre-mixed lime juice from concentrate—you won't regret it!
  • To finish off your creation perfectly, use a hand juicer to extract maximum flavor from half a fresh passion fruit while garnishing the drink before serving it up to your guests!
pornstar martini cocktail recipe

How Do You Make Pornstar Martini?

A Pornstar Martini is a cocktail made with vodka, Passoa, vanilla syrup, lime, passion fruit purée, and passion fruit juice. To make one, add ice cubes to a cocktail shaker and then add the vodka, Passoa, and vanilla syrup. Shake well and then strain into a martini glass. Add fresh lime, passion fruit purée, followed by passion fruit juice. Garnish with half a fresh passion fruit and serve.

Why Is It Called Pornstar Martini?

The cocktail was originally created by bartender Douglas Ankrah in London, and was originally called Pornstar Cocktail. The name was changed to Pornstar Martini on his return to London. The cocktail is named after Ankrah's impression of what a porn star would drink.

Are You Supposed To Put The Prosecco Shot In The Martini?

A porn star martini comes with a shot of prosecco served on the side. This is meant to be drunk separately and not poured into the cocktail. However, it isn't ‘wrong' if you decide to do so.

Is Pornstar Martini Healthy?

A Pornstar Martini is not a healthy drink option due to its high calorie and sugar content. A single drink can contain up to 224 calories and 16 grams of sugar. These calories and sugar can quickly add up, particularly if you are consuming multiple drinks or are on a vacation where you have less control over your diet. If you are looking for a healthier alternative, consider choosing a drink with lower calorie and sugar content such as vodka with seltzer and a splash of fruit juice.

pornstar martini cocktail recipe

How Do You Froth A Cocktail?

The technique for frothing a cocktail is to add an egg white to your citrus filled drink. Everything needed to stabilize a foam is already in your mix, so shaking it warm with an egg white will create a foam. Then shake again with ice to chill.

Which Cocktail Is Best For Beginners?

If you're loking for a classic cocktail that's easy to make and delicious, we recommend the sour. This classic drink is made with just a few simple ingredients: whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and egg whites (optional).

What Are The 7 Classic Cocktails?

1. The Old Fashioned: Made with (or rye whiskey), sugar syrup and angostura bitters, the Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that is both strong and sweet.

2. The Manhattan: Made with bourbon, sweet vermouth and angostura bitters, the Manhattan is a classic cocktail that is perfect for those who enjoy a sweeter drink.

3. The Dry Martini: Made with dry gin, dry vermouth and orange bitters, the Dry Martini is a classic cocktail that is perfect for tose who enjoy a strong drink.

4. The Daiquiri: Made with , lime juice and sugar syrup, the Daiquiri is a classic cocktail that is perfect for those who enjoy a tropical drink.

5. The Negroni: Made with gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, the Negroni is a classic cocktail that is perfect for thoe who enjoy a drink.

6. The : Made with tequila, lime juice and triple sec, the Margarita is a classic cocktail that is perfect for thoe who enjoy a refreshing drink.

7. The Espresso Martini: Made with espresso, vodka and coffee liqueur, the Espresso Martini is a classic cocktail that is perfect for tose who enjoy a caffeinated drink.

Why Do You Dry Shake A Cocktail?

When shaking a cocktail that contains egg whites, it is important to first perform a dry shake. This helps to ensure that the egg whites combine properly with the other ingredients, resulting in a frothy texture. Without a dry shake, the egg whites may not mix evenly and could end up clumping together.

What Can I Use Instead Of Egg Whites In Cocktails?

Aquafaba, which is the water that chickpeas are cooked in, can be used as a vegan replacement for egg whites in . When whipped, it forms a stable foam that can be used to create drinks such as sours and fizzes. Aquafaba has a similar protein content to egg whites and can be used in the same proportion (1:1).

How To Make A Pornstar Martini Cocktail

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