A Sweet and Refreshing Review of Riunite Peach Moscato

If you're looking for a light and refreshing sweet white to enjoy on a warm summer day, then Riunite Peach Moscato is the perfect option. This Italian sweet is produced from the best white Moscato grape variety and has an intense, delicate bouquet with velvety flavor.

The wine has a bright, light pink color and a strong peach bouquet. On the nose you'll get notes of white peach, while the taste is crisp and perfectly balanced btween fruit and sweetness. The finish leaves the palate with a luscious taste of fresh peaches.

Riunite Peach Moscato can be enjoyed on its own or paired with fruit salads, spicy foods, and desserts. It goes great with seafood dishes such as salmon or shrimp, as well as lighter meats like chicken or pork. It also pairs nicely with cheese platters or simply enjoyed as an after-dinner drink.

Overall this is a delightful sweet wine that will leave your taste buds wanting more! If you're looking for something special to share with friends at your next gathering, Riunite Peach Moscato is sure to be a hit!

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The Sweetness of Riunite Peach Moscato

Riunite Peach Moscato is indeed sweet. Its sweetness comes from the harvest of autumn grapes and its 15-day fermentation period in stainless steel tanks. Its flavor is characterized by a light pink color and a strong peach bouquet. It is not overly sweet, but provides a pleasant glass of cheer that pairs well with fruit, salads, spicy foods and desserts.

What is the Taste of Peach Moscato?

Peach Moscato is a light and refreshing white wine with a beautiful bouquet of sweet peaches. On the palate, it offers a juicy burst of ripe peach flavor balanced by subtle notes of honey and citrus. The wine is medium-bodied, with a gentle sweetness that lingers on the finish. Its bright acidity and low content make it an ideal choice for enjoying in the summertime or pairing with lighter fare.

Is Peach Moscato a White Wine?

Yes, Peach Moscato is a white wine. It is made from the best white Moscato grapes, which are naturally sweet and have a distinct peach flavor. This sparkling sweet white has an intense and delicate bouquet with a velvety taste that makes it unique from other types of wines.

Alcohol Content of Peach Moscato

The peach Moscato has an alcohol level of 7.2%, making it a great option for those looking for a lower-alcohol sparkling wine. Its sweet flavor profile is complemented by notes of ripe peach, peaches and cream, and hints of orange, creating a balanced and refreshing mouthfeel. Enjoy it as an aperitif or with desserts like cakes or ice cream.


Riunite Peach Moscato is a delightful sparkly sweet white wine with natural flavors of juicy, ripe peaches. It has an intense and delicate bouquet with a velvety flavor and the lingering finish leaves the palate with a luscious taste of fresh peaches. Perfect for fruit, salads, spicy foods and desserts, this refreshing wine is sure to be a hit at any gathering. Enjoy Riunite Peach Moscato chilled for maximum enjoyment.

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