Savor the Sweetness of Root Beer Fizz!

Root fizz is a classic, beloved that has been enjoyed for generations. It consists of sugar, , , and flavorings of choice (often including sassafras for an authentic flavor). To make the perfect root beer fizz at home, start by combining the ingredients in a clean container. Leave it to ferment for natural fizziness.

Once the fizzing process is complete, it's time to enjoy! The best way to experience a root beer fizz is through a cold glass on a hot day. This will help keep the beverage from becoming too watered down and sugary when ice is added. Alternatively, you can also spruce up your root beer with some for an extra sweet and vanilla-y flavor.

The classic Fizz and Ramos Gin Fizz are also great options if you're looking to take your root beer up a notch. While they both contain gin, lemon , simple syrup, and club – the Ramos Gin Fizz also includes lime juice, orange flower water, heavy cream and an egg white for added sweetness and texture.

No matter how you choose to enjoy it – whether in its purest form or with additional ingredients – root beer fizz remains a timeless favorite that will be sure to pease all ages!

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The Fizziness of Root Beer

Root beer is fizzy due to the process of fermentation. To make root beer, sugar, yeast, water and flavorings of choice are combined and allowed to ferment. This fermentation process produces carbon dioxide gas, which gives root beer its signature fizz. Traditionally, sassafras was used to give root beer its distinct flavor; however, the FDA has since removed sassafras from commercial use. Despite this change, many people still opt for sassafras when making their own homemade root beer in order to get that classic flavor they love.

The Foam in Root Beer

The foam found in root beer is a result of its unique recipe. Traditionally, root beer was made with sassafras root and bark which has naturally occurring mucilaginous properties. This means that when the bark is boiled, it forms a thick, long-lasting foam. This foam is a distinctive feature of the beverage and gives it the slightly carbonated texture that so many people enjoy.

Spiking Root Beer: What to Use?

There are a few popular options for spiking root beer. The most common spirit used is rum, as it helps underscore the vanilla flavor of both the rum and the root beer. Spiced rum is another great option, as it capitalizes on the spices in the root beer. is also a good choice, as it gives you a spiked drink that still allows the root beer's flavor to shine through. Finally, if you're looking for something with more of a root beer float-like taste, try using vanilla vodka to achieve that flavor.


Root beer fizz is a refreshing, classic beverage that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you're making it at home with natural ingredients or buying it from the store, root beer fizz offers a unique flavor profile and plenty of fizz to keep you cool and hydrated on hot days. It pairs well with rum, gin and other , making it a great addition to any cocktail. Root beer fizz is an easy-to-make and delicious beverage that can be enjoyed by all.

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