Sailor Jerry: A Legendary Dark Rum with an Iconic Story

Sailor Jerry is an iconic dark with a unique blend of spices and a bold 92 proof ABV. Named after the legendary American tattoo artist, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, this rum has definitely made its mark in the world of .

This premium rum is produced by Sailor Jerry Ltd., which was established in 1991. It's crafted with a special blend of spices that provides a flavor profile similar to spiced rums from the Caribbean, including vanilla, cinnamon and other spices. The 92 proof gives it a strong kick that stands out in every cocktail you make.

The history behind Sailor Jerry Rum is just as interesting as its taste. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins was an influential American tattoo artist who began his career during the Great Depression in Chicago. After developing his own distinct style, he eventually moved to Honolulu, Hawaii in 1941 where he opened his shop on Smith Street in Chinatown and quickly gained popularity due to his skill and innovative designs.

He was known for using bold colors and fine lines to create tattoos that paid homage to the sailor and maritime traditions, which eventually inspired Sailor Jerry Ltd. to create its namesake spirit more than forty years later. He unfortunately passed away at the age of 62 due to a heart attack while riding his motorcycle but his legacy lives on through this dark rum that has beome one of the most popular spiced rums available today.

In addition to being a delicious spirit for , Sailor Jerry Rum also supports numerous charitable initiatives around the world through their non-profit partner organization, The Charles H . . . . Collins Foundation. Whether you're looking for a spirit with an interesting past or just something new and delicious to add to your home bar, Sailor Jerry Rum should definitely be at the top of your list!

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Is Sailor Jerry Rum Worth Trying?

Sailor Jerry is a great rum for cocktails, particularly those that call for a dark rum. It has a strong flavor due to its 92 proof, and contains a blend of spices such as vanilla and cinnamon. It's also widely available and instantly recognizable from the iconic hula girl tattoo on the bottle's label. Many people find that the flavor of Sailor Jerry stands out well in any rum cocktail.

The Strength of Sailor Jerry Rum

Sailor Jerry rum is an exceptionally strong spiced rum, with different strengths depending on the region. In the United States, it is bottled at 92 proof (46% ABV), making it one of the strongest rums available for purchase. In comparison, the same rum in the United Kingdom is bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV). This Navy-style rum has a high content that makes it a favorite among rum connoisseurs looking for a strong and flavorful spirit.

Is Sailor Jerry Rum a Top Shelf Spirit?

Sailor Jerry is considered a top-shelf rum. It is known for its smooth, yet bold flavor and its high-quality ingredients. Sailor Jerry has been enjoyed for decades by bartenders, mixologists, and connoisseurs alike. Its signature blend of premium Caribbean rums is perfectly balanced with spices and exotic flavors to create a drink that stands out from the rest. In addition to its great taste, Sailor Jerry has also earned a reputation for being one of the most affordable top-shelf rums on the market today.


Sailor Jerry is a dark rum with a strong flavor of spices, specifically vanilla and cinnamon. It is bottled at 92 proof, making it an ideal choice for any rum cocktail. This iconic brand was created in 1991 by Sailor Jerry Ltd., and was the firt of its kind to be released in the US. The unique label of the bottle pays homage to the original founder, Norman Collins, and his tattoo shop located in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Sailor Jerry is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a higher-proofed rum or an extra kick in their cocktails; it also honors a true pioneer of the art form.

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