The Delicious Taste of Two Towns Cider: Crafted in Oregon’s Corvallis and Eugene!

Two Towns Ciderhouse is an award-winning craft producer located in Corvallis, Oregon. Founded by three friends from the college towns of Corvallis and Eugene, Two Towns has become one of the leading producers of Northwest-style ciders.

Using only high quality apples and other locally sourced ingredients, Two Towns creates a wide range of unique, tasty ciders. Their flagship cider, Made Marion, is a 6.0% ABV cider made with fresh-pressed NW apples and Oregon-grown marionberries. This medium bodied drink has sweet and subtle hints of with a crisp tartness that will delight your taste buds!

If you are looking for soething with a bit more punch, Two Towns also produces a special “Ice Juice” blend that increases the content to 11%. Not only does this make for a stronger drink but it also makes it dry and strong. A perfect choice for those looking for something out of the ordinary!

No matter which cider you choose, you can be sure that it was crafted to perfection at the Two Towns Ciderhouse production facility in Corvallis, Oregon. With their commitment to quality ingredients and attention to detail, Two Towns Ciderhouse provides award winning craft ciders that are sure to please even the pickiest palate!

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Is 2 Towns Cider Sweet?

2 Towns Cider is a medium-sweet cider, combining the sweetness of the fresh-pressed apples used in its production with the tartness of Oregon-grown marionberries. The overall flavor profile has a subtle hint of sweetness that is balanced by a crisp tartness. This makes it an ideal option for those looking for a subtly sweet cider that still packs plenty of flavor.

Brewing Location of 2 Towns Cider

2 Towns Ciderhouse is a craft cider producer located in Corvallis, Oregon. Their ciders are brewed at thir production facility in Corvallis, using only the freshest ingredients and apples sourced from the Pacific Northwest. All their ciders are fermented on-site to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and complexity. The ciders are then carefully blended to create an array of unique flavors that appeal to a broad range of cider drinkers. 2 Towns Ciderhouse also employs traditional methods such as barrel aging, bottle conditioning, and wild fermentation which further enhance their ciders' flavor profiles and character. With over 20 different varieties of crafted cider available, 2 Towns Ciderhouse is sure to have something for everyone!

Is Two Towns Cider Dry?

Two Towns Cider is a dry cider crafted from a blend of high-acid Pacific Northwest apples. With an alcohol content of 11% abv, Two Towns Cider is definitely on the drier side of the cider spectrum. It has a crisp and refreshing taste with hints of tartness and subtle sweetness.

The Origin of the Name 2 Towns Cider

2 Towns Ciderhouse is named after the two college towns of Corvallis and Eugene, Oregon, which are located in the same county and are connected by the Willamette Valley. These two towns were where the three founding partners of 2 Towns Ciderhouse grew up and went to college together. The name 2 Towns celebrates their shared roots and reflects their commitment to bringing an authentic Oregon cider experience to their customers. As a nod to the region, 2 Towns sources apples from local farms in both Corvallis and Eugene, creating ciders crafted from a blend of fresh-pressed apple juice from both towns.

Is 2 Towns Cider Carbonated?

Yes, most of 2 Towns Ciderhouse's ciders are carbonated. However, some traditional ciders, such as English and French ciders, are left still and not carbonated. We also offer a few select ciders that are available in both carbonated and still versions. All of our ciders are crafted with the same care to ensure that each one is as enjoyable as the last.


In conclusion, 2 Towns Cider is an excellent example of the craft cider movement in the Pacific Northwest. With a combination of high-acid Pacific Northwest apples, marionberries from Oregon, and a special “ice juice” to boost the alcohol content, 2 Towns Cider offers a unique flavor profile that is both sweet and tart with a strong, dry finish. This delicious cider can be enjoyed on tap or in bottles at thir production facility in Corvallis, Oregon, which is conveniently located between the cities of Corvallis and Albany. For those looking for an exceptional local cider experience, 2 Towns Cider is an excellent choice.

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