Vermont’s Brewing Beer Makers

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Green Mountains, Vermont has become synonymous with craft excellence. With its vibrant scene and a long-standing tradition of hop production, the state has emerged as a haven for beer enthusiasts and brewers alike. Let's explore some of the top beer makers in Vermont that have put the state on the map for their exceptional brews.

Fiddlehead Company, based in Shelburne, is a rising star in the craft beer industry. Known for their innovative and flavorful brews, Fiddlehead has climbed the ranks to become the 36th largest producer of craft beer in the nation by volume sold. Their commitment to quality and creativity has earned them a dedicated following, both within Vermont and beyond.

Another standout in the Vermont beer scene is Burlington, the state's largest city. Often referred to as the “Queen City,” Burlington boasts a number of breweries that have become local favorites. From the well-established Magic Hat Brewing Company to the up-and-coming Foam Brewers, there is no shortage of options to quench your thirst for a delicious pint.

Trout River Brewing Company, originally located in Lyndonville, found new ownership in 2014 when Kelen Beardsley, Gabe Streeter, and Trevor Billings took the helm and relocated the brewery to their hometown of Springfield. This move breathed new life into Trout River, allowing it to flourish under the passionate guidance of its new owners. Their dedication to crafting exceptional beers has made Trout River a beloved name in the Vermont beer community.

In a unique twist, Paul Belogour, owner of Viking Farms, a maple syrup operation in Guilford, acquired Trout River Brewing Company in February. This unexpected pairing showcases the diverse backgrounds and entrepreneurial spirit that can be found within Vermont's beer industry. Belogour's vision for the brewery, combined with his passion for quality and sustainability, promises an exciting future for Trout River.

Vermont's beer landscape is not just about the big players; it is also home to a multitude of smaller, but equally impressive, breweries. From Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro, renowned worldwide for its artisanal and meticulously crafted brews, to Lawson's Finest Liquids in Waitsfield, known for its hop-forward ales, these breweries showcase the true spirit of Vermont beer-making.

The success of Vermont's beer industry can be attributed to a variety of factors. The state's fertile land and favorable climate provide an ideal environment for growing and other key ingredients. Additionally, the strong sense of community and collaboration among brewers has fostered an environment of innovation and mutual support.

As the Vermont craft beer scene continues to thrive, it is clear that the state has become a destination for beer enthusiasts seeking unique and exceptional brews. Whether you find yourself sipping a Fiddlehead brew in Shelburne or exploring the offerings in Burlington's vibrant beer scene, you are guaranteed to discover a taste of Vermont's beer-making excellence.

So, the next time you find yourself in the Green Mountain State, make sure to raise a glass to the dedicated brewers and beer makers who have put Vermont on the map as a craft beer haven. Cheers to Vermont beer!

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Who Owns Vermont Beer Makers?

Vermont beer makers have changed ownership over the years. In 2014, Kelen Beardsley, Gabe Streeter, and Trevor Billings purchased Trout River brewery and relocated it to their hometown of Springfield. However, in February, the ownership of the brewery shifted again. This time, Paul Belogour, the owner of Viking Farms, a maple-syrup operation based in Guilford, bought Trout River brewery.

To summarize:
– In 2014, Kelen Beardsley, Gabe Streeter, and Trevor Billings owned Trout River brewery after moving it to Springfield.
– In February, Paul Belogour, owner of Viking Farms, acquired Trout River brewery.


Vermont has established itself as a prominent player in the craft beer industry, with a thriving community of beer makers that continue to push the boundaries of flavor and creativity. From well-established breweries like Magic Hat and Switchback, to up-and-coming stars like Fiddlehead Brewing Company and Trout River, Vermont offers a diverse range of beer options for enthusiasts to enjoy.

The state's commitment to quality ingredients, local sourcing, and sustainable practices has contributed to the success of its breweries. With a strong emphasis on using fresh, local hops and grains, Vermont brewers have been able to produce unique and flavorful beers that are distinctively Vermont.

Furthermore, the state's rich history in brewing, dating back to the mid-1800s, has paved the way for a beer culture that is deeply rooted in tradition and craftsmanship. This heritage, combined with a constant drive for innovation, has propelled Vermont breweries to national recognition and acclaim.

It is evident that the Vermont beer scene is continuously evolving and expanding. With new breweries emerging and established ones growing in popularity, the future of Vermont beer looks promising. Whether you're a local or a visitor to the state, exploring the diverse offerings of Vermont's beer makers is a must-do experience for any beer enthusiast.

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