A Refreshing Taste of France: Discover Vouvray Brut

Vouvray Brut is a white made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes in the Loire Valley region of France. This light and refreshing wine is produced according to the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) regulations, ensuring that it meets strict quality and flavor standards. The grapes are harvested at optimal ripeness and fermented slowly in tanks at cool temperatures in order to preserve the delicate aromas and flavors of the Chenin Blanc. Once fermentation is complete, the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation process, which produces its signature sparkle.

Vouvray Brut has a light yellow hue with delicate bubbles that float up from the glass. On the nose, it offers notes of apple, pear, honeysuckle, and citrus blossom that lead into a palate of crisp minerality with hints of tart green apples and golden honey. This sparkling wine is dry with a clean finish that lingers on the palate.

Due to its versatility, Vouvray Brut pairs well with a variety of dishes including fish and shellfish, asparagus, salads topped with goat cheese or fresh herbs, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, or even grilled vegetables. It also makes an excellent apéritif before dinner or can be enjoyed alone as an afternoon refreshment.

At an affordable price point and availale year-round in well-stocked bottle shops or online retailers, Vouvray Brut is an excellent alternative to more expensive sparkling wines like or Cava. So why not give this delicious sparkler a try? You won't be disappointed!

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Is Vouvray a Type of Champagne?

No, Vouvray Brut is not Champagne. It is a sparkling wine made from 100% Chenin Blanc in the Loire Valley region of France and is imported by Kermit Lynch. It is a great alternative to Champagne and has a fresh, delicate, and refined taste profile.

Types of Wine: Vouvray

Vouvray is a made from Chenin Blanc grapes, which are grown alog the banks of the Loire River in the Touraine district of France. Varieties of Vouvray range from dry to sweet, and still to sparkling wines, each with its own distinctive personality. The dry versions of Vouvray tend to feature aromas of ripe pear, apples and honey, with a balanced acidity and fresh finish. On the sweeter side, flavors such as honeyed apricot and peach appear more prominently. Sparkling Vouvray can be made in both dry and sweet styles, while still Vouvrays can be crafted in several different styles including demi-sec (slightly sweet), sec (dry), or moelleux (very sweet).

Pairing Vouvray with Food and Drink

Vouvray is a white wine from the Loire Valley in France. It can come in many styles, from totally dry to off-dry and sparkling. Depending on the style of Vouvray you choose, the food pairing possibilities are endless!

For a sparkling Vouvray, pair it with charcuterie or sushi for a truly decadent experience. A dry Vouvray pairs wonderfully with lighter fare like salads, vegetables, white fish and soufflé. And for an off-dry Vouvray, why not try it alongsde a classic French delicacy: goat cheese! No matter what type of Vouvray you select, you're sure to have an enjoyable food and wine pairing experience.

Serving Vouvray

Vouvray is a type of white wine from the Loire Valley, France. It can range from dry to sweet, so it's important to consider the style when deciding how to serve it. For sparkling Vouvray, serve it chilled at around 8° Celsius. For dry Vouvray, serve it at 11-12° Celsius. Sweet Vouvray should be decanted and chilled to 8° Celsius to best appreciate its flavor and complexity. No matter the style of Vouvray you choose, ensure that it is served well-chilled in order to bring out its classic flavors and vibrant acidity.

The Varietal of Vouvray Wine

No, Vouvray is not a sauvignon blanc. It is made from the chenin blanc grape, which is an aromatic, acidic white variety that produces wines with intense fruit flavors and a chalky minerality. The style of Vouvray can range from dry to sweet and sparkling, and depending on the level of sweetness, can be served as an aperitif or dessert wine. Vouvray has been produced in France's Loire Valley for centuries and is knon for its distinct flavor profile, making it an ideal pairing for dishes such as fish, pork, poultry and cheese.

Chilling Vouvray: Is It Necessary?

Yes, Vouvray sould definitely be chilled before being served. Sweeter styles of Vouvray should be served very chilled at 40-45ºF, while drier styles can stand to be served slightly warmer at around 50-55ºF. Chilling the wine helps bring out the delicate aromas and flavors of this white wine, which is produced in France's Loire Valley using Chenin Blanc grapes.


Vouvray Brut is an elegant, fresh and delicate sparkling wine made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes grown alng the Loire River in the Touraine district of France. It is a great alternative to more popular sparkling wines such as Champagne and Cava, offering a unique character that ranges from dry to sweet. With its light body and pleasing acidity, Vouvray Brut is an excellent choice for special occasions or just as an everyday indulgence. Enjoy it chilled for an unforgettable experience!

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