What does a barback do?

Answered by Robert Golston

As a barback, your role is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of the bar. You work closely with the Bartenders, providing them with the necessary tools and supplies they need to serve customers efficiently. Let's delve into the various responsibilities and tasks that encompass a barback's role:

1. Stocking the bar: One of your primary responsibilities is to keep the bar fully stocked with all the necessary ingredients and supplies. This includes liquor, , , mixers, garnishes, and ice cubes. You need to constantly monitor the stock levels and restock when needed to avoid running out of essential items during peak hours.

2. Cleaning and organizing: Maintaining a clean and well-organized bar is vital for providing a pleasant experience to customers. You are responsible for cleaning , stirrers, shakers, strainers, and other bartending tools. Ensuring these items are properly cleaned and in the right position saves valuable time for Bartenders during their busy shifts.

3. Assisting with opening and closing: As a barback, you often play a key role in both the opening and closing procedures of the bar. When opening, you help set up the bar by arranging bottles, restocking supplies, and ensuring everything is in order for the Bartenders to start their shift smoothly. During closing, you assist in cleaning and organizing the bar, disposing of empty bottles, and storing leftover ingredients properly.

4. Supporting Bartenders: Bartenders rely on barbacks for various tasks throughout their shift. This includes fetching and carrying heavy kegs or cases of liquor, assisting in preparing garnishes and specialty ingredients, and helping with the overall workflow behind the bar. Being attentive and proactive in anticipating the needs of the Bartenders can greatly contribute to a seamless bar service.

5. Customer service: While your main focus is on supporting the Bartenders, you also have the opportunity to engage with customers. This might involve greeting patrons, answering basic questions, and occasionally taking orders or delivering drinks when the bar is particularly busy. Providing excellent customer service helps create a positive atmosphere and enhances the overall bar experience.

Personal experience: During my time as a barback, I quickly learned the importance of being organized and efficient. The fast-paced nature of the job requires you to multitask and prioritize your duties effectively. I often found myself anticipating the needs of the Bartenders, ensuring they had everything they required to serve customers promptly. Through my interactions with customers, I gained valuable insights into their preferences and learned how to provide exceptional service even in a supporting role.

A barback plays a crucial role in maintaining the functionality and cleanliness of the bar. By stocking supplies, cleaning equipment, assisting with opening and closing, and supporting the Bartenders, you contribute to the overall success and efficiency of the bar service. Your attention to detail, organization, and customer service skills are essential in providing a seamless experience for both the Bartenders and patrons.