What is malt wine made of?

Answered by Jesse Garza

, also known as moutwijn, is a key component in the production of genever, a traditional Dutch spirit. As an expert sommelier and brewer, I can provide you with a detailed explanation of what malt wine is made of.

Malt wine is essentially an unaged whisk(e)y, typically with an content ranging from 40% to 80% alcohol by volume. It is produced through a process of triple and sometimes quadruple pot-distillation. This method helps to extract the flavors and aromas from a combination of cereals, which usually include , corn, and wheat. Malted barley, although less commonly used, is also an ingredient in malt wine production.

The combination of these cereals provides the base for malt wine, contributing to its distinctive flavor profile. Rye adds a spicy and robust character, while corn brings a touch of sweetness. Wheat, on the other hand, lends a smooth and creamy texture. The malted barley, which undergoes the malting process to convert starches into fermentable sugars, acts as a catalyst for fermentation and also adds depth to the final product.

The proportions of these cereals can vary, depending on the distiller's recipe and desired flavor profile. Some distillers may lean more towards rye, resulting in a spicier and more assertive malt wine, while others may focus on corn for a sweeter and milder expression.

In my experience, working with malt wine in the production of genever has been fascinating. The art of distillation and the careful selection of cereals play a crucial role in creating a well-balanced and flavorful malt wine. It requires a deep understanding of the ingredients and their interactions to achieve the desired result.

To summarize the components of malt wine:
– Cereals: Rye, corn, and wheat are the primary cereals used in malt wine production, contributing to its flavor and texture.
– Malted Barley: Although less common, malted barley is also included in the production process, adding complexity and aiding in fermentation.
– Distillation: Malt wine is distilled multiple times in pot stills, further refining the flavors and aromas.

Malt wine, the primary ingredient in genever, is made from a combination of cereals such as rye, corn, and wheat, along with the addition of malted barley. The precise proportions and the art of distillation contribute to the distinct flavor profile of this unaged whisk(e)y.