What is the best size for a highball?

Answered by Louis Krause

When it comes to selecting the best size for a highball glass, there are a few factors to consider. The first and most important consideration is the capacity of the glass. A classic highball glass should have a capacity of around 13-16 ounces. This size allows for a full-sized cocktail with plenty of ice, which is essential for creating a refreshing and properly diluted drink.

The tall and slender shape of a highball glass is also an important aspect to consider. This design allows for the cocktail ingredients to be evenly distributed and mixed together. The tall shape also provides ample room for the addition of or other mixers, ensuring that the drink is not overly concentrated.

Personal experiences have taught me the importance of the right glass size when serving highball . I once attended a cocktail party where the highball were too small, which meant that the drinks were quickly diluted as the ice melted. This resulted in a lackluster and watered-down taste, which was disappointing for both the guests and the host. Having experienced this, I now always make sure to use highball glasses with the appropriate capacity to avoid such a situation.

Additionally, the size of the highball glass can also impact the presentation of the cocktail. A larger glass allows for more garnishes and decorations, enhancing the visual appeal of the drink. This is particularly important when serving highball cocktails at special occasions or parties where presentation is key.

In terms of practicality, a larger highball glass can also be advantageous. It allows for a longer drinking experience without the need for constant refills. This is especially beneficial when entertaining guests, as it reduces the need for frequent trips to the bar or kitchen to prepare additional drinks.

To summarize, a highball glass with a capacity of around 13-16 ounces is the ideal size for serving this type of cocktail. The tall and slender design allows for proper mixing and distribution of ingredients, while also providing ample room for ice and mixers. This size ensures a refreshing and properly diluted drink, while also allowing for attractive presentation and practicality.