What is the best winery in Ithaca reddit?

Answered by Bill Hernandez

The Finger Lakes region in New York is renowned for its wineries, and if you find yourself in the area, Ithaca offers some fantastic options to explore. When it comes to the best winery in Ithaca, I have to give a nod to Six Mile Creek. This winery not only boasts a beautiful location but also consistently produces exceptional wines that are sure to please any enthusiast.

Located just a short drive from downtown Ithaca, Six Mile Creek offers a picturesque setting with vineyards nestled among rolling hills. As you arrive at the winery, you'll be greeted by a charming tasting room where you can sample their impressive selection of wines. The staff at Six Mile Creek is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about their craft, making the tasting experience all the more enjoyable.

What sets Six Mile Creek apart from other wineries in the area is the quality of their wines. They offer a diverse range of varietals, from crisp whites to bold reds, ensuring there's something to suit every palate. Their Riesling, in particular, is a standout, with its vibrant acidity, balanced sweetness, and notes of citrus and stone fruits. If you're a fan of reds, be sure to try their Cabernet Franc or Merlot, both of which exhibit depth, complexity, and a smooth finish.

One of the reasons I hold Six Mile Creek in high regard is their commitment to sustainable practices. They prioritize environmentally friendly viticulture and winemaking techniques, which not only ensures the health of their vineyards but also contributes to the overall quality of their wines. As a consumer, it's always reassuring to support wineries that prioritize sustainability and take steps to minimize their environmental impact.

If you're willing to venture a bit further from Ithaca, I highly recommend a visit to Heart & Hands Winery. Located on the eastern side of Cayuga Lake, Heart & Hands specializes in Pinot Noir and Riesling, and their wines are nothing short of exceptional. As a Pinot Noir lover myself, I can confidently say that Heart & Hands produces some of the best examples in the Finger Lakes region.

What makes Heart & Hands stand out is their meticulous attention to detail throughout the winemaking process. From hand-harvesting the grapes to employing traditional winemaking techniques, they strive to produce wines that express the true character of the grape and the unique terroir of the region. Their Pinot Noirs are elegant, nuanced, and display a perfect balance of fruit, acidity, and silky tannins. Their Rieslings are equally impressive, showcasing bright acidity, minerality, and flavors of orchard fruits.

Visiting Heart & Hands is a true delight for wine lovers, as their tasting room offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their wines, and they're always happy to share their insights and answer any questions you may have. If you're lucky, you might even get the chance to meet the winemakers themselves, who are often present at the winery and eager to chat about their craft.

If you're looking for the best winery in Ithaca, you can't go wrong with Six Mile Creek. Their stunning location, friendly staff, and exceptional wines make for an unforgettable experience. However, if you're willing to venture a bit further, Heart & Hands should not be missed, as they produce some of the finest Pinot Noir and Riesling in the entire Finger Lakes region. Cheers to exploring the wonderful world of wine in Ithaca!