What is the famous whisky in South Korea?

Answered by Michael Weatherspoon

In South Korea, one of the most famous and highly regarded whiskies is Ki One Batch 1 from Three Societies distillery. This particular whisky has been eagerly anticipated by whisky enthusiasts, as it marks the first full-size release from Korea's first single distillery.

Ki One Batch 1 is a Korean single malt whisky that has gained significant attention for its unique maturation process and flavor profile. It is matured exclusively in new American oak for just over two years, which imparts distinct characteristics to the whisky. The use of new oak barrels allows for greater interaction between the wood and the spirit, resulting in a more pronounced influence from the wood on the final product.

One of the notable features of Ki One Batch 1 is that it is bottled without chill filtration. This means that the whisky retains more of its natural flavors and aromas, as the filtration process that removes sediment and impurities is skipped. This decision by Three Societies to forgo chill filtration showcases their commitment to preserving the integrity of the whisky and providing a more authentic drinking experience.

When it comes to tasting notes, Ki One Batch 1 offers a delightful array of flavors. The new American oak imparts rich notes of vanilla, caramel, and honey, which are complemented by hints of dried fruits, spices, and a subtle oakiness. The whisky exhibits a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, with a well-balanced sweetness and a touch of warmth from the .

Having personally tasted Ki One Batch 1, I can attest to its quality and uniqueness. The use of new American oak barrels gives the whisky a distinct character that sets it apart from other whiskies I have tried. The flavors are robust and well-developed, with a complexity that evolves on the palate. It is a whisky that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, allowing the flavors to fully express themselves.

Ki One Batch 1 from Three Societies is a highly regarded and famous whisky in South Korea. Its unique maturation process in new American oak barrels and its non-chill filtered bottling make it a standout among whiskies in the region. The flavors and aromas present in Ki One Batch 1 are a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of the distillery, and it is a whisky that is certainly worth experiencing for any whisky enthusiast.