When should I drink 2019 Caymus?

Answered by Jesse Garza

As an expert sommelier and brewer, I can provide you with a detailed answer to your question about when to drink the 2019 Caymus .

Caymus is known for its signature style that is characterized by a dark color, rich fruit flavors, and ripe, velvety tannins. This style makes the wine approachable in its youth, but it also has the potential to age gracefully.

The 2019 vintage of Caymus is no exception to this style. It is a wine that can be enjoyed now, but it also has the potential to develop and evolve with age. The choice of when to drink it ultimately depends on your personal preference.

If you prefer the youthful and vibrant characteristics of the wine, you can certainly enjoy it now. The 2019 vintage will showcase its ripe fruit flavors and velvety tannins, providing a pleasurable drinking experience. It can be a great choice for occasions when you want a rich and full-bodied .

However, if you enjoy the complexity and nuances that come with age, you can choose to cellar the 2019 Caymus. This wine has the potential to develop further over time, allowing the flavors to integrate and evolve. The tannins may become softer and more integrated, and additional layers of complexity may emerge.

To determine the ideal age for drinking the 2019 Caymus, it's helpful to consider the vintage characteristics and your personal taste preferences. The 2019 vintage was generally warm and produced wines with ripe fruit flavors and balanced acidity. This suggests that the wine will have good aging potential.

If you decide to cellar the 2019 Caymus, I would recommend storing it in a cool, dark, and consistent environment. This will help preserve the wine's freshness and allow it to age gracefully. It's also important to note that individual bottles may vary, so it can be interesting to open a bottle at different stages of its development to fully appreciate its evolution.

The 2019 Caymus is a wine that can be enjoyed now for its youthful vibrancy or cellared to experience its potential for further development. Whether you choose to drink it now or in the future, the wine's signature style of dark color, rich fruit, and velvety tannins will provide a memorable drinking experience. Cheers!