Where To Buy Schooner Beer In Ontario?

Schooner , a popular choice among beer enthusiasts, is still available for purchase in liquor stores across the Maritime provinces, including Ontario. Despite the discontinuation of marketing campaigns, this beer continues to be a favorite among many consumers.

Starting from February 1st, the price of an average schooner beer could increase to $12 per glass due to a 3.7% excise tax hike. The tax on beer is tied to inflation and is adjusted every six months.

Schooner beer offers a unique taste profile with hints of caramel in its maltiness and a subtle touch of . It also has a slight presence of fusel , which quickly dissipates, leaving a fleeting impression. The mouthfeel of this beer is characterized by low carbonation and a watery texture, making it easy to drink and enjoy.

In Ontario, there are various places where you can buy schooner beer. Liquor stores are the primary source for purchasing this . They typically carry a wide range of beer brands, including schooner beer. These stores offer convenience and accessibility, allowing customers to find their preferred beer choices in one place.

Additionally, some specialty beer stores in Ontario may also stock schooner beer. These stores focus on offering a diverse selection of craft and imported beers, catering to beer connoisseurs who seek unique and lesser-known brands. These specialty stores often provide a more personalized shopping experience, allowing customers to explore different beer options and receive expert recommendations.

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, there are various websites that offer schooner beer for purchase. Online liquor retailers provide a wide range of beer options, including schooner beer, and deliver directly to customers' doorsteps. This option is particularly convenient for individuals who may not have easy access to physical stores or prefer the convenience of home delivery.

When looking to buy schooner beer in Ontario, it's advisable to check the websites or contact local liquor stores to inquire about availability. Some stores may have limited stock or may need to place an order specifically for the customer's request. It's always a good idea to call ahead and ensure that the desired beer is in stock before making a trip to the store.

Schooner beer continues to be available for purchase in Ontario. Whether you prefer to buy from local liquor stores, specialty beer shops, or online retailers, there are various options to choose from. The price of schooner beer may increase due to the recent tax hike, but it remains a popular choice among beer enthusiasts. Cheers!

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How Much Is A Schooner Of Beer?

A schooner of beer is set to increase in price due to an upcoming tax increase. Starting from February 1, the average cost of a schooner could be $12. This price hike is a result of a 3.7 percent increase in excise tax on beer. The tax on beer is linked to inflation and is revised every six months. Therefore, the price of a schooner can vary depending on the current tax rates and inflation levels.

What Does A Schooner Beer Taste Like?

A schooner beer typically has a distinctive taste profile. It is characterized by a kiss of caramel in the maltiness, which adds a sweet and slightly caramelized flavor to the beer. The maltiness is balanced by a brush of hops, which provides a subtle bitterness and adds some complexity to the taste. Additionally, a schooner beer may have a noticeable presence of fusel alcohol, which can give a warming sensation and contribute to the overall flavor.

The taste experience of a schooner beer is relatively short-lived, as it finishes quickly and is easily forgotten. This means that the flavors may not linger on the palate for an extended period of time.

In terms of mouthfeel, a schooner beer is often described as being under carbonated, which means it may have a lower level of carbonation compared to other beer styles. This can result in a smoother and less fizzy texture. However, it can also make the beer feel slightly watery or thin in the mouth.

In terms of drinkability, a schooner beer is generally considered to be decent. This means that it is enjoyable and easy to drink, but it may not necessarily stand out as exceptionally memorable. The specific drinkability of a schooner beer can vary depending on personal taste preferences and the specific characteristics of the beer itself.

A schooner beer typically has a taste that includes notes of caramel in the maltiness, a touch of hops, and a presence of fusel alcohol. It finishes quickly and may be under carbonated, resulting in a somewhat watery mouthfeel. While its drinkability is decent, it may not leave a lasting impression.


Schooner beer is a popular choice among beer enthusiasts, particularly in the Maritime provinces of Canada and certain parts of Australia. While the marketing campaigns for schooner may have ended, it is still widely available in liquor stores across these regions.

One notable aspect of schooner beer is its price, which is set to increase due to a 3.7% excise tax hike. This will result in an average schooner costing around $12 after February 1. The tax on beer is tied to inflation and is adjusted every six months.

In terms of taste, schooner beer offers a subtle kiss of caramel in its maltiness, complemented by a gentle brush of hops and a hint of fusel alcohol. The finish is quick and easily forgotten. While the mouthfeel of schooner beer is described as under carbonated and watery, it still maintains a decent level of drinkability.

In Australia, a schooner typically refers to a 425 ml (15 imp fl oz) serving, which is three-quarters of an imperial pint pre-metrication. This size is most commonly found in New South Wales, Queensland, and the Northern Territory, although it is known in other states as well.

Schooner beer continues to be enjoyed by beer enthusiasts for its unique flavor profile and availability. Whether it's in Canada or Australia, schooner beer remains a popular choice among those seeking a refreshing and satisfying beverage.

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