Who owns Hotel Tango Distillery?

Answered by Brandon Riddell

Hotel Tango Distillery is owned by Travis Barnes, a U.S. Marine who served three tours in Iraq. As a veteran-owned and operated distillery, Hotel Tango embodies the same rigor, standard, and fortitude that Travis learned during his military service. Travis's personal experiences and dedication to excellence are evident in the exceptional crafted at Hotel Tango.

Travis's background as a Marine has shaped his approach to business, and he brings the same level of discipline and attention to detail to the distilling process. He understands the importance of following strict protocols and maintaining high standards, which is reflected in the quality of Hotel Tango's spirits.

Having served in the military, Travis knows the value of camaraderie and the significance of sharing experiences with others. This ethos is at the core of Hotel Tango's mission to create spirits that are not only fit to serve but also made to share. The distillery aims to provide a space where people can come together, enjoy a drink, and forge meaningful connections.

Travis's passion for distilling began after his military service, as he sought a new path that would allow him to channel his creativity and dedication. He immersed himself in the art and science of spirits production, honing his skills and knowledge to create unique and flavorful products.

Hotel Tango Distillery, founded in 2014 by Travis Barnes, stands as a testament to his perseverance and commitment to excellence. The distillery's name, “Hotel Tango,” comes from the military phonetic alphabet, where “Hotel” represents the letter “H” and “Tango” represents the letter “T.” This nod to Travis's military background is a constant reminder of the values and principles that drive the distillery's operations.

Travis Barnes, a U.S. Marine veteran, is the owner of Hotel Tango Distillery. His military experience and dedication to excellence have shaped the distillery's ethos, resulting in exceptional spirits that are not only crafted with precision but also meant to be shared with others.