The Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh is a premium gin that is distilled and inspired by the magical city of Edinburgh. The gin is handcrafted using a traditional copper pot still, and the botanicals that are used are carefully selected to create a unique and complex flavour profile. The result is a gin that is smooth, flavourful, and perfect for sipping on its own or mixing in .

One of the things that makes Edinburgh Gin stand out from other gins is its use of botanicals. The gin is made with a blend of juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root, lemon peel, orange peel, and lavender. Each botanical is carefully selected for its unique flavour and aroma, and when combined, they create a complex and well-balanced gin. The juniper berries provide a piney and resinous flavour, while the coriander seeds add a citrusy and spicy note. The lavender proides a subtle floral aroma, while the lemon and orange peel give the gin a bright and zesty flavour.

When it comes to taste, Edinburgh Gin is smooth and well-rounded. The piney juniper flavour is prominent, but it is balanced out by the citrusy notes of the orange and lemon peel. The coriander adds a subtle spice, while the lavender provides a hint of floral sweetness. The finish is smooth and creamy, with a pleasant mouthfeel that lingers on the tongue.

Edinburgh Gin is a versatile gin that can be used in a variety of cocktails. It pairs well with tonic , and is perfect for making classic gin cocktails like the Gin and Tonic, the Martini, and the . It also works well in fruity cocktails like the Bramble and the French 75.

Edinburgh Gin is a premium gin that is well worth trying. Its unique flavour profile, smooth taste, and versatile nature make it a favourite among gin lovers around the world. Whether you are sipping it on its own or mixing it in a cocktail, Edinburgh Gin is sure to impress.

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The Quality of Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Gin is considered to be a very nice gin by many gin enthusiasts. It has a nice and dry taste, which is typical of a traditional gin. The gin is known for its smooth texture and is infused with a variety of green botanicals, along with a generous amount of juniper. Some of the botanicals used in Edinburgh Gin include coriander, angelica, orris root, and citrus peel. The combination of these botanicals provides a complex and well-balanced flavor profile. Edinburgh Gin is highly regarded by many gin lovers and is definiely worth trying if you are a fan of quality gins.

What is the Taste of Edinburgh Gin?

Edinburgh Gin is a premium gin that is known for its complex and refined flavor profile. It has a balanced taste that is characterized by a blend of subtle spice, soft floral notes, piney juniper, and citrusy orange peel and coriander. The piney juniper flavor is the most prominent, which gives way to the refreshing citrusy notes and subtle floral lavender flavor that complements the piney notes.

The finish of Edinburgh gin is exceptionally smooth and creamy, which proides a delightful mouthfeel. The creamy texture is the result of the gin's distillation process, which uses a mix of traditional pot distillation and vacuum distillation techniques.

Edinburgh Gin is a premium gin that has a well-balanced flavor profile with notes of juniper, orange peel, coriander, and lavender. It has a smooth and creamy mouthfeel that makes it an excellent gin for sipping or mixing in cocktails.

Edinburgh Gin: What Type of Gin Is It?

Edinburgh Gin is a type of London Dry gin. This means that it is a traditional style of gin that is made using a combination of botanicals, including juniper, coriander, and citrus peel. The distillation process for London Dry gin requires that all of the botanicals be added to the still at the same time, and that no artificial flavorings or colorings be added after distillation.

Edinburgh Gin is inspired by the city of Edinburgh, and it is crafted using only the finest botanicals and ingredients. The result is a premium quality gin that is smooth, balanced, and full of natural flavors.

In addition to ther London Dry gin, Edinburgh Gin also offers a range of fruit gin liqueurs and flavored gins. These include flavors like Raspberry, Rhubarb and Ginger, and Elderflower. Each of these gins is made using natural ingredients and flavors, and they are perfect for adding a unique twist to classic cocktails, or for creating new and exciting drinks.

Edinburgh Gin is a premium quality London Dry gin that is inspired by the magical city of Edinburgh, and crafted using only the finest botanicals and natural ingredients.


Edinburgh Gin is a remarkable London Dry gin that is inspired by the enchanting city of Edinburgh. This gin is expertly crafted with green botanicals and plenty of juniper, which provides a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. The subtle notes of lavender, coriander, and orange peel add a touch of complexity to this gin, making it stand out from the rest. Edinburgh Gin is a must-try for anyone who appreciates the art of gin-making and wants to experience the magic of Edinburgh in a bottle.

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