Brewing the Perfect Beer with WLP002 Yeast

White Labs English (WLP002) is a fantastic yeast strain that is highly regarded for its ability to produce sweet, full-bodied ales. With a relatively low attenuation, this yeast creates beers that are known for their malty character and smoothness.

One of the key features of this yeast is its ability to ferment at a wide range of temperatures, with the optimum range being between 65-68°F. This temperature range allows for the yeast to perform at its best, resulting in a well-balanced and flavorful .

When fermented at higher temperatures towards the upper end of the range, around 68°F, this yeast produces beers with a slightly more fruity ester profile. These fruity notes can add a pleasant complexity to the beer, with hints of apple, pear, and even a touch of banana.

On the other hand, fermenting at the lower end of the range, around 65°F, will result in a cleaner and crisper beer. This temperature range is ideal for those looking to showcase the maltiness of their beer, as the yeast will not produce as many fruity esters, allowing the flavors to shine through.

It is important to note that this yeast strain has a high tolerance, ranging from 10-15%. This means that it is well-suited for higher ABV beers, such as barleywines or imperial stouts. The yeast is able to handle the higher alcohol content without producing any off-flavors or stalling the fermentation process.

When using WLP002, it is recommended to pitch an appropriate amount of yeast to ensure a healthy fermentation. This will help to prevent any potential off-flavors or fermentation issues. Additionally, oxygenation of the wort prior to pitching the yeast is important to ensure proper yeast growth and fermentation.

White Labs English Ale Yeast (WLP002) is a reliable and versatile yeast strain that can produce a wide range of flavorful and well-balanced beers. Its low attenuation and malt-forward profile make it a great choice for those looking to brew traditional English ales or beers with a focus on maltiness. Whether fermented at the lower or higher end of the recommended temperature range, this yeast strain is sure to deliver excellent results.


What Is The Flavor Profile Of WLP002?

White Labs English Ale Yeast (WLP002) is known for its distinct flavor profile, which is characterized by a few key elements:

1. Sweetness: WLP002 has a relatively low attenuation, meaning it doesn't ferment sugars completely. This results in a sweet taste in the final beer, giving it a fuller body and a rich mouthfeel.

2. Maltiness: Like most English yeasts, WLP002 enhances the malt flavors in the beer. It accentuates the malt sweetness and complexity, contributing to a more malt-forward profile. This can be particularly desirable for styles like English bitters, stouts, and porters.

3. Hop Bitterness: While WLP002 does not significantly alter the hop bitterness, the malty character it imparts can somewhat mute the perceived bitterness. This means that the hop bitterness may be less pronounced compared to other yeast strains, allowing the malt flavors to take center stage.

4. Fruity Esters: WLP002 produces subtle fruity esters, adding another layer of complexity to the flavor profile. These esters can range from mild hints of apple and pear to more pronounced flavors like stone fruit or even light citrus notes. The specific ester profile may vary depending on fermentation temperature and other brewing factors.

WLP002 is well-suited for brewing traditional English-style ales, where a balanced maltiness and a slightly sweeter taste are desired. It can help create beers with a smooth, rounded flavor profile that showcases the malt character while still providing some subtle fruity undertones.


White Labs English Ale Yeast (WLP002) is a fantastic choice for brewers looking to create sweet, full-bodied ales with a malty character. With its fairly low attenuation, this yeast produces beers that have a pronounced maltiness, which may slightly muffle perceived hop bitterness. However, this can be desirable for those seeking a more balanced and rounded flavor profile in their ales.

One notable advantage of WLP002 is its high alcohol tolerance, ranging from 10 to 15%. This makes it a suitable yeast for brewing stronger ales, providing the necessary fermentation power to handle higher levels of fermentable sugars.

When it comes to fermentation temperature, the optimum range for WLP002 is between 65 and 68°F (18-20°C). It is important to note that temperature control during fermentation is crucial for achieving desired results. Fermenting at room temperature may lead to a rapid consumption of sugars and a quicker exhaustion of the yeast, which can limit the production of gases and flavor compounds. On the other hand, fermenting at colder temperatures allows for a slower and more steady production of carbon dioxide and other molecules, resulting in a more controlled fermentation process.

WLP002 is a reliable and versatile yeast strain that can help brewers create a wide range of flavorful and well-balanced English-style ales. Its ability to produce sweeter, malt-forward beers, coupled with its high alcohol tolerance, makes it a popular choice among brewers looking to craft full-bodied and robust ales.

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