Adulting in Style: Guava-Infused IPA from Evil Genius Beer Company

Are you ready to #adulting? Well, you're in luck because Evil Genius Company has just the beer for you – their Guava-infused ! This beer is perfect for anyone looking to add a little sophistication to their experience.

This pale and crystal blend has been carefully balanced with Citra and Cascade to create an easy-drinking, creamy, medium-bodied IPA that is smooth and clean. The aroma from the Citra hops is bursting with tropical fruits such as lemon peel, peach and mango. The flavor profile continues on with a slightly toasty malt base that gives way to a mildly hopped finish that is both and fruity. The addition of guava adds a delightful tropical note to this American-style IPA that will be sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you're just starting out in the craft beer world or if you're an experienced connoisseur looking for something new, Evil Genius Beer Company's Guava-infused IPA is definitely worth tryng out. It's a great way to introduce yourself (or someone else) into the world of craft beer while still enjoying the fruity notes of a traditional American style IPA. So go ahead, give it a try – it's time to start #adulting!

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The Maker of Adulting Beer

Adulting beer is made by Evil Genius Beer Company. Founded in 2011, Evil Genius Beer Company is a craft brewery located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They specialize in creating unique and flavorful beer styles that push the boundaries of traditional . Their signature beer, Adulting IPA, features a blend of pale and crystal malts with Citra and Cascade hops to create an easy drinking, creamy, medium-bodied, clean, smooth IPA. It is infused with guava for an added layer of flavor.

Exploring the Unique Flavor of Guava IPA

A Guava IPA is an American-style India Pale (IPA) with a tropical twist. This beer is brewed with Columbus, Centennial, Citra, and Chinook hops, giving it a mild hop flavor and medium body. The unique addition to the recipe is the guava, which provides an extra layer of tropical flavor and aroma that complements the bitter yet fruity finish of the IPA. The result is a well-balanced beer that's perfect for those who enjoy a hoppy beer with a hint of sweetness.

Exploring the Origins of the Name Indian in IPAs

The term “India Pale Ale” (IPA) was first used in 1835 by an English brewer in response to the popularity of pale ales bing imported from England to India. These beers had to travel by ship for months and were often exposed to extreme temperatures, which resulted in spoilage. To combat this, brewers began using higher concentrations of hops and a stronger content that would better preserve the beer during its journey. This “India Pale Ale” was noted for its unique hop aroma, bitterness, and strong flavor that set it apart from other beers. Over time, the term “IPA” was adopted as a nickname for all beers using this style of brewing technique. Thus, IPAs were called Indian because they originated as a response to the need for an export beer that could survive the long journey to India.


The Evil Genius Beer Company's ‘Adulting' IPA is an easy-drinking, flavorful beer perfect for those looking for a tropical twist to their IPA. Pale and crystal malts are balanced perfectly with Citra and Cascade hops, creating a creamy, medium-bodied beer with a clean and smooth finish. The addition of Guava adds an extra layer of flavor, providing notes of tropical fruits, lemon peel, peach and mango that complement the bitter yet fruity finish. This refreshing beer is perfect for hot summer days and can be enjoyed by both craft beer aficionados and novices alike.

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