The Sweet and Fizzy World of Cheerwine

Cheerwine, also known as the “Nectar from North Carolina,” is a unique and beloved that has been delighting taste buds for over a century. With its mildly sweet flavor and strong cherry notes, it offers a refreshing and distinct taste experience.

One of the most notable characteristics of Cheerwine is its deep burgundy color, reminiscent of the alcoholic it is named after. This rich hue is a result of the black cherry flavoring that gives the soda its signature taste. Unlike other cherry-flavored sodas, Cheerwine has a more complex flavor profile, with hints of black cherry that add depth and complexity to every sip.

Another distinguishing feature of Cheerwine is its exceptional carbonation. This soda is known for its high degree of fizziness, making it more heavily carbonated than the average soft drink. This effervescence adds a lively and refreshing quality to the beverage, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Cheerwine's journey to nationwide popularity took a significant milestone in 2017 when it became available in all 50 states. Prior to this, the soda was primarily enjoyed in its birthplace of North Carolina. Today, the company collaborates with the Pepsi Bottling Company to distribute its beloved soda across the country, spreading its “Born in the South, Raised in a Glass” taste to soda enthusiasts everywhere.

The origins of Cheerwine can be traced back to the Carolina Beverage Corporation, formerly known as the Maysville Syrup Company. When the Kentucky-based syrup company faced bankruptcy, L.D. Peeler, a native of Salisbury, NC, seized the opportunity and purchased the struggling company. He then relocated it to his hometown and rebranded it as the Carolina Beverage Corporation.

Under its new name, the company continued producing its popular Mint Cola, a refreshing mint-flavored soda. However, it was the introduction of Cheerwine that truly captured the hearts and palates of consumers. The soda's unique flavor profile, resembling a mix of Dr Pepper and cherry syrup, quickly gained a loyal following.

Cheerwine's popularity has continued to grow over the years, and it has become a beloved symbol of Southern culture and tradition. Its availability in all 50 states has allowed people across the country to experience the delightful taste of this North Carolina gem.

Cheerwine is a one-of-a-kind soda with a mildly sweet flavor and strong cherry notes. Its deep burgundy color, exceptional carbonation, and unique taste make it a favorite among soda enthusiasts. Whether you're sipping on a cold bottle in North Carolina or enjoying it in any other state, Cheerwine offers a taste experience that is truly “Born in the South, Raised in a Glass.”

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What Does Cheerwine Soda Taste Like?

Cheerwine soda has a distinct and unique taste that can be described as mildly sweet with a prominent cherry flavor. The cherry notes in Cheerwine are primarily black cherry, giving it a rich and deep flavor profile. The soda itself is burgundy-colored, which adds to its visual appeal.

One of the standout characteristics of Cheerwine is its high level of carbonation. Compared to other soft drinks, Cheerwine has a noticeably higher degree of fizziness, making it feel effervescent and refreshing.

To summarize, Cheerwine soda has the following taste characteristics:

– Mildly sweet
– Strong cherry flavor, particularly black cherry
– Burgundy-colored
– High degree of carbonation

Cheerwine offers a unique and enjoyable taste experience, combining sweetness, cherry notes, and effervescence.

Why Is Cheerwine Only In NC?

Cheerwine is primarily found in North Carolina because it originated in the state and has deep roots there. The soda was first created in 1917 by L.D. Peeler, who was based in Salisbury, North Carolina. Peeler's company, Carolina Beverage Corporation, produced the beverage and it quickly gained popularity in the region.

One reason why Cheerwine is mainly available in North Carolina is due to its loyal customer base in the state. Over the years, the brand has built a strong following among North Carolinians who enjoy its unique cherry flavor. This local support has allowed Cheerwine to thrive in the state and become a beloved local beverage.

Another factor contributing to Cheerwine's limited distribution is the company's focus on maintaining quality and freshness. By primarily serving the North Carolina market, Carolina Beverage Corporation can ensure that Cheerwine is readily available and delivered promptly to local retailers. This approach helps to maintain the soda's freshness and taste, ensuring customers can enjoy it at its best.

While Cheerwine has expanded its distribution beyond North Carolina in recent years, the brand remains deeply connected to its roots in the state. It continues to be a staple in many North Carolinian households and is widely available in restaurants, convenience stores, and supermarkets across the state.

Cheerwine's strong ties to North Carolina, its loyal customer base, and its commitment to maintaining quality and freshness have contributed to its limited availability outside of the state. However, the brand's popularity has been steadily growing, and it can now be found in select locations beyond North Carolina.


Cheerwine is a unique and beloved cherry-flavored soda that has captured the hearts and taste buds of people across the United States. With its mildly sweet flavor and strong cherry notes, it offers a refreshing and satisfying drinking experience. Its burgundy color and high degree of carbonation make it visually appealing and add to its distinctiveness.

Cheerwine's journey to becoming a nationwide sensation took a century, but now people in all 50 states can enjoy this “Nectar from North Carolina.” Through a partnership with the Pepsi Bottling Company, the company has been able to spread its iconic taste and share the joy of Cheerwine with soda lovers everywhere.

Often compared to a mixture of Dr Pepper and cherry syrup, Cheerwine stands out with its unique flavor profile. Additionally, its higher carbonation level sets it apart from other sodas, adding a lively and effervescent quality to each sip.

The history of Cheerwine is intertwined with the rich heritage of North Carolina. Originally known as the Carolina Beverage Corporation, the company's roots can be traced back to the purchase of a bankrupt syrup company and its relocation to Salisbury, NC. From there, the popular Mint Cola was born, laying the foundation for the eventual creation of Cheerwine.

Cheerwine is more than just a soda; it's a taste of Southern tradition and a testament to the enduring appeal of cherry-flavored beverages. Whether enjoyed on its own or used as a mixer, Cheerwine continues to delight and satisfy soda enthusiasts with its one-of-a-kind flavor and effervescence.

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