The Rise of Aurochs Beer

Aurochs is a company that specializes in creating unique beer recipes based on the ancient Aurochs, an extinct species of wild cattle. The Aurochs were a powerful and adaptable species, living in various ecosystems across Europe for thousands of years. In honor of this amazing animal, Aurochs Beer strives to create beers with flavors inspired by its resilient nature and ability to survive in ever-changing environments.

The beer selection from Aurochs includes a variety of styles, crafted using only the finest ingredients to ensure quality and flavor. From light lagers and IPAs to dark stouts and ales, there's something for everyone! Each beer is brewed with a unique recipe that pays homage to the Aurochs' adaptability. For example, their Blonde Fatale Belgian-Style Blonde has hints of honey and Cascade for a smooth and balanced taste.

Aurochs also offers rotator beers, which are seasonal or special releases that are often some of the most intriguing beers on their menu. These rotating taps give customers the opportunity to try something new evey time they visit!

If you're looking for an adventure in craft beer, look no further than Aurochs Beer! With their delicious selection of brews inspired by the resilient Aurochs, you can explore the world of craft beer while honoring one of nature's greatest creatures.

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Where Are Aurochs Found?

Aurochs are believed to have gone extinct in the early 1600s, so they can no longer be found in the wild. However, their descendants— cattle—can still be found across a variety of ecosystems. In Europe, they can be found in swamps, forests, steppes and mountains. Although not common in boreal forests, modern cattle can survive and thrive in these environments as well. Aurochs are also thought to have been kept by some European farmers up until the late 1600s and traces of their genetic material can still be found in modern breeds of cattle today.

What Does the Taste of Aurochs Imply?

Aurochs were an ancient breed of wild cow that once roamed the grasslands of Europe, Asia and North Africa. Their meat had a unique flavor that was described as gamey, earthy and intense. It was highly marbled, tender and juicy due to its natural fat content, which also provided a rich source of omega 3 and 6 as well as vitamins B12 and E and iron. Aurochs may not have been able to produce as much meat or milk as modern breeds, but their unique flavor made them a prized delicacy for many centuries.


Aurochs Beer is a unique and refreshing craft beer that has been crafted from the ancient wild cattle species, the aurochs. This beer has adapted to various ecosystems across Europe, making it an easy-drinking and light-bodied ale that is perfect for any occasion. With its unique blend of honey and Cascade hops, Aurochs Beer offers a flavor that can't be found anywhere else. Its rotator taps also provide craft-beer lovers with access to some of the most interesting beers on the market. Aurochs Beer is truly a one-of-a-kind craft beer experience!

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