Taste Like a King: Habanero Sculpin IPA

If you're looking for a that will tantalize your taste buds and really send your senses into overdrive, then you need to try the Habanero Sculpin from Ballast Point Company. This unique beer is made using the iconic Sculpin IPA as a base, but with an added twist – it's infused with habanero peppers.

The result is a beer that's both intensely flavorful and incredibly refreshing. The aroma of the habanero peppers gives off a bright citrus note, while the flavor bursts with grapefruit, pine and hints of garlic. On top of that, the bitterness of the balances out these interesting flavors perfectly.

The Habanero Sculpin IPA has all the classic qualities of a great – bold, complex flavors, intense aromas and an impeccably balanced bitterness – but with an added kick from the habaneros. The peppers are added as a final step in making this beer, using only fresh grapefruits purchased from Florida in what the brewery calls “a proprietary process.”

For thse who want to take their taste buds on an adventure, we highly recommend trying out this unique Habanero Sculpin IPA. It's sure to be an unforgettable experience!

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What Are the Tasting Notes of Ballast Point Sculpin?

Ballast Point Sculpin is an IPA that has a very bright flavor, with aggressive piney hop notes and a moderate presence. It also has hints of garlic, grapefruit, and pine. The bitterness is dialed in perfectly to compliment the strong hops flavor, creating a delicious combination of lemon candy, green, and floral tones. All together this craft beer offers an intense yet balanced taste that's sure to please the palate.

Does Sculpin Beer Contain Grapefruit?

Yes, Sculpin does have grapefruit in it. Through a proprietary process, the brewery adds Florida-sourced grapefruit to the beer as a final step in production. This gives the beer a unique flavor and aroma that is unmistakably grapefruit.

The Fish Represented on Sculpin Beer

The fish featured on Ballast Point's Sculpin IPA is the sculpin, a type of small sea creature that belongs to the same family as scorpions. The sculpin is also known as the sea scorpion due to its spiny fins. These spines contain venom that can give a sharp sting, but despite this the fish itself is one of the most sought-after seafood delicacies in the world. Its taste and texture are highly prized among chefs and diners alike, making it well worth seeking out.


The Ballast Point Brewing Company's Habanero Sculpin IPA is a unique blend of intense hop flavors, moderate maltiness, a slight garlic flavor, and grapefruit and pine notes. The bitterness is well-balanced and the hop flavors of lemon candy, green, and floral notes make it an incredibly delicious beer. The habanero flavor is added by way of a proprietary process that uses grapefruits purchased from Florida. With its intense hop flavors and balanced bitterness, Habanero Sculpin IPA lives up to its namesake – the sea scorpion – delivering a strong sting but also one of the tastiest beers in the world.

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