Illuminate the Night with Belvedere Vodka’s Night Saber!

Welcome to the world of Belvedere and their newest innovation, the Night Saber! This unique bottle design features a delicate black coating with a laser-etched design and a soft-touch finish. It also has LED lights at the base that create a misted tree effect when turned on.

There's no better way to bring the party home than with Belvedere Vodka's luminous bottle, the Night Saber. With just the push of a button on the underside base of the bottle, you can start an instant light show. The dazzling white light will illuminate your night and make any room come alive with excitement.

Not only is this bottle incredibly stylish, it's also cost-effective. At select stores like Costco and Total & More, you can purchase a 1.75L bottle of Belvedere Vodka for $33.99 and $32.99 respectively – an affordable price tag for such an eye-catching product!

The Night Saber was unveiled at London's BEAT club at their Light the Night party earlier this year and has been taking social media by storm ever since. People all over are using this unique bottle to add sparkle to their events and gatherings, creating unforgettable memories alog the way!

So don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to liven up your next gathering or special occasion! Get your hands on Belvedere Vodka's Night Saber today and make sure you're always ready for a night of fun!

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Does Belvedere Illuminate?

Yes, Belvedere Vodka offers a unique and innovative bottle design that lights up when you press a button. The Night Saber bottle is illuminated with an LED light that emits a warm, blue glow to brighten up any gathering or special occasion. The bottle also includes a custom-made metal stand which provides stability and allows for easy portability so you can bring the party wherever you go. Whether it's for home entertaining or a night out on the town, Belvedere Vodka's Night Saber will light up your evening with its luminous glow.

Lighting Belvedere Vodka

To light Belvedere Vodka, simply push the button on the underside base of the bottle. Once pressed, a dazzling white light will illuminate the bottle and bring it to life! This light show is sure to impress your guests and add an extra element of fun to any gathering. Enjoy your Belvedere Vodka with a show!

Cost of Belvedere at Costco

Belvedere Vodka can be purchased for $33.99 for a 1.75 liter bottle at Costco. This price is slightly higher than the $32.99 listed at Total Wine & More, making Costco the best option for purchasing Belvedere Vodka in bulk.

Is Belvedere a High-End Brand?

Yes, Belvedere is considered a high-end vodka. Belvedere is distilled in the small town of Żyrardów, Poland, using a four-step distillation process and Dankowskie Gold . This premium vodka is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail to ensure its superior quality. Belvedere also prides itself on sourcing only the freshest and purest ingredients from local farmers to guarantee a great taste. With its long history of craftsmanship and dedication to quality, Belvedere has become a recognized leader in luxury .


In conclusion, the Belvedere Night Saber is a must have for any party or special occasion. With its illuminated bottle, LED lights and laser-etched design, this vodka brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your evening. Not only does it look stunning but it also comes with a competitive price, starting at just $33.99 for 1.75L at Costco and $32.99 for 1.75L at Total Wine & More. Whether you're hosting a night in or attending an event, the Belvedere Night Saber is sure to be the star of the show!

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